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Left Behind Rework/Suggestion

CubeyBlueDiceCubeyBlueDice Member Posts: 61
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So right now Left Behind is the worst survivor perk due to the end game mechanics.

If for some reason your unaware about this issue its that when your the last person alive with this perk and the Collapse starts, the rest of the generators are blocked, making the perk basically worthless (since it only effects generators.)

My idea is that you get a bonus from each eliminated survivor (including DCs) that sacks up 3 times for certain actions. If you are the last survivor those percentages effect additional actions.

My example (feel free to make your own changes to see what you guys think is appropriate):

”You don’t give up so easily. For each Sacrificed or killed survivor gain a 3%/4%/5% stackable bonus for repairing and healing (up to 9%/12%/15%).

If you are the last survivor these bonuses effects slow actions (slow vaulting and hiding in a locker slowly) and opening the exit gates.”

My other idea is that maybe when the person is the last survivor the bonuses are doubled (so instead of 9%/12%/15% it would be 18%/24%/30%) but this seemed a little bit op but at the same time being the last survivor is just major luck. If this was to happen MAYBE the death values could be a higher stackable bonus like 4%/5%/6% (The last survivor value could still be 18%/24%/30%) so the person has a better chance of escape with their last teammate.

These changes will help survivors get minor buffs due to the loss of their teammates during the trial, trying to escape with their remaining teammates. If they manage to be the last survivor they can sneak around more effectively for the hatch and if not, they can open the gates faster.

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  • BarpleBapkinsBarpleBapkins Member Posts: 36

    There actually exists a perk that works very similarly to this, it's called "Last Standing"

    Although the perk is only obtainable via illegitimate means and you're instantly banned as soon as you're caught using it, it goes unused and is pretty powerful as it also encourages selfish play by letting others die for your own benefit (although I don't see if that would be a genuine issue seeing as Sole Survivor exists).

  • CubeyBlueDiceCubeyBlueDice Member Posts: 61

    i believe if they limit the acts of acts actions of the perk it (like maybe only buff the users altruistic action speed with each death) maybe it would encourage more cooperative actions. Then giving other buffs when the user is the last man standing (instead of just buffing everything a lot with each death).

    Maybe this would encourage To save others other than just waiting for them to die so you just get buffs for everything.

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