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FPS issues post 2.0.0

not_Queennot_Queen Member Posts: 1,114
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Hello everyone!

We have noticed a large response after the 2.0.0 update about FPS drops, mainly on console.

Please answer this post with details like

  • Which platform are you playing on?
  • What map were you playing on?
  • What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?
  • What killer was in the game?
  • What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
  • Any other useful information!

Anything not related to this topic will be deleted.
Thank you for your input!



  • NoodleNoodle Member Posts: 103
    edited July 2018

    PS4 Pro
    Actions: Roaming the map, chasing survivors, using chainsaw sprint, kicking gens, vaulting, moving the camera.
    Other information: During chases the game would freeze for 1-2 seconds and moving the camera would cause it to 'skip' and 'jerk' in random directions.

  • LiveActionQuadLiveActionQuad Member Posts: 11

    Xbox One
    swamp,Forest,The game
    Starts to freeze each time a generator is done and starts in chase

  • DRAGOONDRAGOON Member Posts: 123
    edited July 2018

    Asylum (Cortus) / UPDATED - any map
    The Doctor
    When walking around in treatment mode it was unbearable with how low the frames were and would continue to be very sketchy. Frames seems to drop more when chasing a survivor and shocking them.

    Lery's treatment center
    Simply walking around, drops more when chasing a survivor

    Summary: Basically pretty difficult to play killer, lots of choppiness on all maps, especially when more than one survivor is around.

    Any map
    leather face chain saw attack when near by survivor getting downed by it, drops frames like crazy.
    when any status effect such as noed, franklins, killer weapon add-ons etc drop frames upon hit on me or team mate.

    if a killer dodges or I dodge as killer and return back to menu, huge drop in frames for 4-6 seconds.

    --will update post with anymore noticeable findings--

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  • KingSavageGamingKingSavageGaming Member Posts: 148
    PS4 everything is choppy!!! 😢😢
  • Red_Blob_KingRed_Blob_King Member Posts: 10

    Xbox one
    All maps
    Bubba, billy, hag, trapper, Myers
    Opening exit gate, unhooking, repairing gen, after taking hit

  • ZetaraZetara Member Posts: 31

    All maps:
    Doc, hag, Leatherface 
    durning a chase when bloodlust activates 
    when a gen pops
    after hooking
    shocking (doc)
  • P3MyersP3Myers Member Posts: 58
    edited July 2018

    all maps
    Survivors: when a killer hits near a pallet i cant drop it as the fps stutters, pallets take a while for the drop
    to appear as well. skill checks on gen stutter as well when there is action nearby such as chase.
    Doctor: shocks near trees while survivors are running cause fps to drop severely

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  • LowbeiLowbei Member Posts: 2,637
    eek. im glad i dont have these issues
  • IronWolf115IronWolf115 Member Posts: 672

    Xbox one s
    BIG drops on Haddonfield and Autohaven Wreckers
    Killer main
    I was Hillbilly
    general framerate issues, no specific moment
    Tried playing as survivor and framerate was much better

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,893
    Xbox one 
    Auto havens and coldwind farm
    Miss Piggy when I swing for a survivor 
  • x_im_solo_xx_im_solo_x Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2018
    Ps4 pro
    All maps(pale rose, Haddonfield, the game and red forest are the worse)
    Playing on the killer side with nurse
    Blinking and blink smacking survivors will drop frames making it harder to turn efficiently and hit them. Ive also noticed using the nurses new cosmetics makes the fps worse when they are equipped.
  • BOSS242BOSS242 Member Posts: 171
    Ps4 pro
    All maps but crotus and swamp have been the worst
    Playing against Doctor and Billy more than others it seems.
    And all actions really just when thing move quickly or a lot of action
  • WINTERSWINTERS Member Posts: 127
    Red Forest
    Playing as the Hag
    I was chasing a Dwight and I froze for a few seconds. 

    I played as survivor and the nurse had thanataphobia and everytime a survivor was hit we'd freeze for about 1 second then continue which then showed thana taking its effect on us. And we were on the swamp map. Pale rose. I believe.
  • QuailHeadQuailHead Member Posts: 11
    Xbox one X
    Various maps

    Playing as clown, hillbilly and doctor and just moving camera around is very choppy, making it very difficult to hit and locate survivors. The very first map I played on 2.0 was Haddonfield and the FPS was very bad in general trying to do anything and occurred numerous times on various maps.
  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388
    Shelter woods the game bedlam
    The Doctor
    Major stop and start when in treatment mode. Actually produced a feeling nausea it was at times so disorienting.
  • blue4zionblue4zion Member Posts: 2,747

    Ps4 Pro
    Every Map
    Doctor, Nurse, Wraith, Hag
    There is just constant studdering and freezing especially during chases and when bloodlust starts, along with attacking. I've missed so many times because of the freeze when I swing. There is also serious frame drops after the round when you see your score/bloodpoints/etc, both survivor and killer. I don't remember if it was there before, but I certainly notice it now since the patch.
    Besides this, love the update :)

  • browalker15browalker15 Member Posts: 90
    edited July 2018
    Playstation 4
    Rotten fields, Macmillan estate Lerys institute, torment creek
    Freddy, huntress, doctor
    Using freddys power had a bit lag, when survivors dropped pallets, when I swung my weapon, when I got a hit, when I picked them up, and hooked them. Basically any animation caused a good deal of lag plus some regular walking frame drops. Same for huntress. When I threw her hatchets they would immediately break even though I wasnt hitting anything. Doctor had just consistant lag.

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  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 8,238
    Xbox One

    Map: Depends on how severe the "Fog" is. Offerings such as "Murky reagent" "Hazy reagent" and "Faint reagent" seems to make lag/FPS more worse. I experienced this FPS drop on Autohaven Wreckers: Blood Lodge but I haven't played other maps with "Fog" offerings.
    Killer: Nurse
    During when I'll use her power: FPS would drop when I initiate the blink especially when their is more fog in the map. This has became slightly more severe ever since the 2.0.0 patch.

    As always, thank you for showing your ever growing love for this community :)

  • GHOST5X0GHOST5X0 Member Posts: 1
    Ps4 Standard

    Almost every map (shelter woods was the worst) 
    Playing killer and survivor.

    I played the doctor right after the update came out and I got mothers dwelling and I could barely turn or swing or even use my power because it would drop so many frames.  I haven't went back to killer yet because survivor is a lot better, the frames still drop hard during thanatophobia or EW3 popping up.
  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 8,227
    edited July 2018

    Xbox One X
    As survivor, frames drop whenever a UI pops up, like status or hex. If you get hit by Huntress hatchets and she is running add-ons that inflict someone the frames drop for a full second or more. EDIT: Also literally anything Doctor.

    As killer, frames drop when I use my power usually. Freddy, lags when someone actually falls asleep and you can hit them. As Huntress, lags when you throw a hatchet sometimes.

    EDIT 2: I'm also noticing a lot of frame lag on the scoreboard screen. The whole UI feels like it's crashing.

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  • SanKa_GamesSanKa_Games Member Posts: 201
    edited July 2018

    Shelter Woods
    As any character, Being near or looking to the center of the map drops FPS drastically.

  • TorielToriel Member Posts: 3

    Platform : PC
    Specs : GTX 1050, i3-3770k (I think), 12 GB RAM
    Seems like post 2.0.0, several maps, like Grim Pantry, Shelter Woods, are more unstable then they used to be.
    I used to get solid 60 everywhere, but now I am stuttering sometimes, which causes it to be really unstable.

  • GeometryGeometry Member Posts: 1
    PS4 Base Model

    Mother's Dwelling,Haddonfield,Lery's Memorial Institute,Badham Preschool.

    Killer Side


    Freezes when drawing traps,teleporting to traps ,when Bloodlust activates,when lunging.  
  • arcticxliaarcticxlia Member Posts: 53
    Ps4 Pro

    Every Map

    Killer & Survivor

     Well, there's no specific because it's mostly every Game (against any Killer & survis)

    IT freezes when I wanna unhook, or drop a pallet. Even using a Power causes drops or being in a chase. Or, dunno If it's a frame drop, but with a very good Internet connection the survivors are laughing while being in a chase and even when I play Survivor the most killers hitting in the Air while i am a bit far away to be in the hitbox but they hit me anyways. 
  • ConsoleNurseConsoleNurse Member Posts: 170
    Ps4 Standart cuh1216b

    Every map 

    All time Killer and mostly survivor

    Hag when teleport my triggered traps,huntress when trying to aim,nurse completely (she is unplayable),doctor in general,cornfield,macmilian estate,huntress map

    Also when i play survivor in macmilian estate; while i am doing gens if i look up side,FPS drops 15-20
  • F_DemisideF_Demiside Member Posts: 44
    edited July 2018

    MacMillan Estate - Billy / Autohaven - Doctor / Springwood - Billy
    On all 3 maps I played it seems like while dropping a pallet there is a bit of an animation delay where you just stand there with your arms up and nothing happening for 1-2 seconds. FPS issues when fast vaulting, after hook rescue (being rescued and performing the save), after successful hook sabotage, being healed from the dying state, after scoring event "basement time". And Specifically on Springwood, skill checks in preschool basement. While this could be due to connection to killer I am fairly confident this is not the case because I was not in terror radius and the only other times I have had skill check problems in the past is when a laggy killer is close by.
    Hope this helps, and other than these few bugs 2.0 has been a blast so far! Can't wait to get my hands on the Clown come the 9th.

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  • HertZ_BadHertZ_Bad Member Posts: 10
    edited July 2018
    Xbox One X
    All maps 
    Nurse during the blink is extremely choppy and after the landing blink the frames drop making it hard to read a surviors movements. Turning is extremely limited mid blink. As each survivor dies frames improve slightly. There are to many past threads saying she is unplayable or hard to play in console. 
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