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Due to latency issues in the PTB, we have decided to postpone the server hit validation test until after the update releases on the live version of the game. We will let you know when the test will take place as soon as we can. Thank you all for your patience.

Does anyone know if the iridescent pin add on for legion is glitched or if it's intentional?

So hitting somebody with frenzy and the iri pin no longer shows you everyone's location. I've heard some people call it intentional and some people not. BHVR has made absolutely no statement in any of their devs streams or patch notes about changing the visual functionality. The ability still states that after you hit somebody you see people in your terror radius, and the add on still expands your terror radius to map range. For that matter, monitor and abuse still functions the same, which you can tell because if you're going for a long chase on somebody in killer instinct, the initial chase will break, your terror radius will shrink and you'll lose the heart beat on the person you're going after.

My theory is that they created a second radius that they don't want to tell us exists. We'll call it the detection radius. This is necessary because the speed add ons were changed to improve detection range. But that would be complete trash if they did that by giving you a larger TR. So this necessitated a separate detection radius. I'm guessing they forgot to apply the detection range increase to the iri pin, which is where the issue is coming from, since the issue does not occur with other TR increases from what I can see, hinting that it is not intentional to separate TR from detection. But I can't seem to get any acknowledgement from BHVR about this one way or another, so I figured I'd ask if any of you knew anything.


  • HuntarHuntar Member Posts: 813

    You should see everybody in the match after hitting the first person. The TR increase should happen as soon as you frenzy, and then you should see everyone once you inflict Deep Wounds. I believe they mentioned there's now a max distance to aura reading, but I'm unsure whether that would affect location perks like FF or screams.

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 114
    edited May 2019

    Hmmm, that wouldn't make sense, since it doesn't seem to expand the radius at all from what I can tell. Do you recall when they mentioned this, as I've not seen it anywhere. It also is more or less a repeated location ping rather than an aura. I really wish the devs would clarify this.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,486

    From what I understand, TR and Killer Instinct are now different zones. By default, they overlap at 32m. When you use Iri Button, it increases your TR ONLY not KI. So survivors should hear the TR no matter where they are, but you can only see them with KI within 32m. If you want KI zone to be larger, you need to use the add-ons that increase its range.

    I think they did this so that you could run stuff like Tinkerer but still be able to use KI.

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 114

    You see, I think they changed it that way too to accommodate the speed add on changes. But the ability still states it shows you people inside your TR, and monitor and abuse still expands your detection range meaning that TR still overlaps with detection in some cases. So IF they are intending to separate TR and detection in cases outside the expansion from the former speed add ons, they've not communicated that anywhere and have not applied it to any other situation than the iridescent add on. Hence why I feel like we need clarification here.

  • thesuicidefoxthesuicidefox Member Posts: 7,486
    edited May 2019

    I'm just saying that I believe that's what is happening. Iri Button extends your TR but not KI. There are add-ons that extend your KI specifically, which suggests that it's not tied directly to TR. Let me ask you this, are you 100% positive that M&A also expands your KI as it did before? Because if it does then that means Iri Button is likely bugged. If not, that means that Iri Button is working as intended and TR and KI are not tied together anymore.

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 418

    I'm not sure if that how it works. When I tried to use Monitor & Abuse, it seemed like I would initilaly get a very wide detection range in KI, but a few second after I would suddenly lose my targets, because I was no longer in a chase and my TR shrunk.

    I don't know how Iridescent Button work, but it does not appear to extend your actual own TR to wich Killer Instinct is tied, where M&A apparently does.

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 114
    edited May 2019

    Yes, I am certain. I say this because I used it before the patch and I know how it worked with KI and it is identical at this time. What happens with monitor and abuse is that you'd have the expanded terror radius while in a chase. You'd go off to run somebody else down. Only because you weren't in sight of them yet and you were away from the initial person you attacked, the terror radius would shrink back down and you'd lose your visual on them for a minute while you got into the reduced terror radius range. This still happens.

    For this reason, I'm inclined to believe the only divergence of KI from TR is intended to be in the instances of the expansion add ons. They are the only place at all that KI is specifically hinted at being different than TR, compared to the multiple times it is stated to be the same as TR. So to me this makes sense. Not to mention, with the seperation of TR and KI, it is entirely understandable how somebody would just forget to make the change and put in the value for a specific add on especially since the TR increase and pallet break capability get added in prehit now, hence why it is effected but nothing else is.

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