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addition to rituals suggestion

liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

We don't always want to play killer or survivor, but daily rituals coming only for killer/survivor , make the feature useless... i'm not playing killer anymore because i personally find it too frustrating sometimes, but for the past week... or even more, i received and cancelled only killer rituals... that's not nice... the game scammed me again :) . today i received a survivor ritual finally but a good thing would be a little button somewhere to select the "main role " of the account. so if i select "survivor rituals" to get a higher percentage of survivor related daily rituals(i don't say it have to be only survivor rituals, but a bigger chance ) or viceversa for killers..


  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,861
    edited May 2019

    I've made a suggestion like this before, so I'm glad to see others agree! Having some sort of system track which Survivor/Killer(s) you play the most and give them more rituals than other characters would be nice! Especially if you get a ritual for a certain Survivor/Killer that you don't have anything for or don't like...More changes like that would be nice towards players who have specific mains.

  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    A lot of killer rituals are easier to do, really. Most survivor dailies take two trials, while I've found I could do killer rituals in one game. Regardless, rituals are there to encourage you to play characters and roles you're not used to.

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

    i don't want to have a ritual for certain killer... you get rituals for killers you own, so if you don't like that killer, why u purchased the entire dlc? (not talking about default free killers :)) )

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

    i refuse that, it's my right ... it should be my right (of course we can refuse by cancelling...ONE ritual.. but if i cancel one, and entity give me another bad one ? like i receive one for huntress, i'm not playing her... i cancel this and i receive one for nurse :D )

    it's true, rituals are there to encourage you to switch roles, but don't make me play only killer because of that :))

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,861

    @liviu1911 Ah, you see, I was stating that the system would work like this:

    The game would look into who you play the most, on either side, and keep track of it.

    If you play Survivor more, it will give you more Survivor rituals towards the one character you love to play the most, like Dwight or Feng.

    If you play Killer more, it will give you more Killer rituals towards the one Killer you love to play the most, like Trapper or Legion.

    If you play a mix of both, the game could try and track from what percentage of who you play more and try to give you a mix of rituals for Dwight, if you main him, while giving you some rituals for Feng if you also play her sometimes too, vice versa for the Killer side.

    Hopefully that makes sense. :)

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

    it make sense what you said , but that not gonna happen either , because that means you get too easy bp :D having rituals for killers that you know to play with (since killer that you like the most is that killer wich you are good with :)) ) {hope that make sense too}

  • Chaotic_RiddleChaotic_Riddle Member Posts: 1,861

    @liviu1911 Yeah, it does, and it could be easier, but it would also be a nice QoL change towards the two sides. But, hey, any changes to the ritual system would be nice, right? :)

  • TatsuiChiyoTatsuiChiyo Member Posts: 215

    All I want is the challenges to become more general, even if they increase the difficulty. Example, rather than "Rescue three Survivors from the hook as Claudette" make it "Rescue 15 Survivors from the hook".

  • liviu1911liviu1911 Member Posts: 144

    but for that they need to give a bigger ammount of bp and again seems wrong... :D we will not get nothing that we want from these, but at least we get customizations for hooks now... :D

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