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What Legion Addons are useful?

i have been playing a bit of Legion lately, but i cannot figure out what addons work with him now. they all seem pointless since his rework.

the pins require you to double attack for an effect that doesn't last long at all.

  • the mangled one is prob best but it only last 60 sec, so if it takes me 20 sec to down him, 10 sec to hook him, and he spends 20 sec on the hook, its practically gone, and of no use.

the rulers make your power recharge faster, but because you get no benefit from attacking multiple times with it this seems pointless

  • the only time this is useful is if you decide to switch targets because your target gets to a strong building or loop and you dont want to continue chasing them. and even then, you need to find someone else.

increasing the Feral Frenzy detection range is very disorienting and most of the time they are too far for you to get there with your short ass power.

increasing the Feral Frenzy duration seems decent, but adding 2 seconds really doesnt let you counter sprint burst or spread out survivors.

increasing time required to mend only adds 2-3 seconds to a 12 second timer. so those really dont add any sort of pressure.

reduced cool-down duration was supposed to be amazing, but now they are so weak that they feel pointless.

so i need some help guys, what configurations do you like? does it seem worth it to even put more points into Legion to get addons?


  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,069

    For the cooldown, duration, iridescent button and mend time.

  • TheluckyboiTheluckyboi Member Posts: 1,113

    Scratched ruler + sketch book is the best add-on combo for Legion, allows you to catch survivors easier and the power gauge refills way quicker

  • turkeysubsturkeysubs Member Posts: 6

    this is what i use most often, i can barely tell the difference between running with no addons and running with these sometimes, but i know they are likely more useful than i give them credit for.

    thanks for the advice

  • DecarcassorDecarcassor Member Posts: 651

    The only time I feel a difference is with Stolen Sketch Book. You really feel that your Feral frenzy last longer and allows you to catch a survivor that might have escaped you otherwise.

    As @turkeysubs said. Extra detection range is useless, because it lets you see targets you can't catch. Shorter refill time is useless, because you don't rely on FF as much and have so many way to lose your gauge anyway. The Pins and Frank's Mix Tape are useless for very obvious reasons. Faster recovery from FF cooldown is useless because you can barely feel any difference. And lastly Stab Wound Study is useless because the Bleed Out timer can't go down unless the survivors just flat out forget to mend.

    The only others add-ons I like to use are Nasty and Filthy Blades. 2 or 3 extra seconds of mending may seem like nothing. But to me the entire purpose of Legion's power now is time wasting. Waste a couple more second Mending, then waste a few more seconds on gens with Thanatophobia. Don't want to waste time because of Thana, then you have to heal, wich mean you don't work on gens, etc...

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 123

    Add on tier list imo, I'd say anything below B tier could use a buff or a mechanical change in some way or another.

    S - Duration

    A - Iri pin

    B - Regen , Iri tape

    C - cooldown / detection range / knives

    D - Non iri- pin

    F - Stab wound study, Franks (Seriously needs addressed that purple add ons are objectively the worst thing to use, to the point where they're more likely to hurt your game play by implementing them)

  • TheDarkWallTheDarkWall Member Posts: 123

    Not sure why my post was deleted, but my tier list is pretty much. I think that anything below B tier either needs a buff or mechanical change personally.

    S - Duration

    A- Iri pin

    B - Regen, iri tape

    C - Knives, cooldown, detection range

    D - non-iri pins

    F - Franks and stabwound study (Which really needs changed considering they're the 2nd highest rated add on yet are both detrimental to implement into your game.)

  • PluPlu Member Posts: 1,430

    Best are cooldowns.

    Second best are rulers.

    Third best is iridescent pin

    Everything else is worthless.

  • SlinkyJinkySlinkyJinky Member Posts: 371

    All I know is the ones that shorten Feral Frenzy Bleed out effect are pretty much completely useless. And that rules out some of the more 'powerful' mods.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    I tried Cold Mud + Julie Cassette. Something did not see the difference. Or is it a bug, or the developers have done a very small bonus

  • Mr_Big0718Mr_Big0718 Member Posts: 3

    I always run double duration, as running one it’s hard to actually see a difference. But with 2, the difference is definitely noticeable.

  • ZackaryFreemanZackaryFreeman Member Posts: 42
    edited July 2020

    Yeah most of his add ons are just horrible, but there are some that are decent.

    There's 3 reliable add on combos that I usually run and think are the best.

    First one is stacking duration add ons : Stolen Sketchbook + mural sketch makes it much more possible to chain hits.

    Second one is 1 duration + 1 pin add on : Stolen Sketchbook + Legion pin makes the best combo, inflicting broken status can really counter medkits and help fortify slowdown builds like Thana + Dying light. You can also use mural sketch + defaced smiley pin as a bootleg version of the first but it still works very well.

    And then there's stacking cooldown fatigue add ons : Cold dirt + Joey's mixtape, so that they reduce the stun fatigue from 4 to 3 seconds (you can really feel the difference), this allows for much more aggressive play but less chain stab potential.

    There's also the Iridescent button that's good, but I rarely use it, if you plan on using it though, you should combine it with Stolen Sketchbook.

    Finally I personally think that the rest of his add ons are completely useless, recovery is dumb because you don't need your power once everyone is injured, the blade add ons barely add anything and frank's mixtape + stab wound study is a a complete joke nowadays as it is literally outdated and only worked with Legion's old power.

    Edit : Oh I didn't even think about the detection add ons and the fuming mixtape, but then again that just proves how useless and forgettable these add ons are.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,876

    Duration add-on so probably the best no doubt about that.

    Cooldown add-ons are probably your second best the only reason I won't to consider them the first is because you usually have to stack properly see the results.

    Iridescent button is probably your next best one

    Good now that we describe the good ones let's get through with the other ones.

    Increased killer instinct add-ons -

    I have no clue what possessed them to change these from speed add-ons to this but these are terrible you basically get the vision on people you can't hit.

    Relatively knowing people in your general area is a lot better not only for chaining put for knowing things like if anyone's going for a hook or if anybody is is sticking around to complete a generator.

    If you want to know where people are in the map just use iridescent button it's a lot more useful and it basically gives you a whole map reading. For the love of god please we work these add-ons or just rather them back to increasing speed

    Faster refill add-ons-

    Honestly just solely depends on just how much you plan on using frenzy remember you can't down with it and the only reason you would want to hit injured people is typically to get information and waste of time.

    If you plan on using frenzy as a time waster and for information consistently they're ok not good not bad just ok.

    If you only use frenzy to injure people and you don't use it much outside of that these are useless to you.


    Please can work on specific builds mainly defaced pain and the Legion pin however do keep in mind the best strategy to go up against Legion is usually to just work through your injuries and complete gens as they can injure you efficiently healing tends to be pointless. So unless you have a bill that punishes people for not healing this is usually not the best to run. Niche but can be very useful.

    Fuming mixtape-

    I feel like this add-on was just slept until Legion because Wraith just got it too to remember we had just finished with the mid chapter update where he got the add-on rework and the next chapter right afterwards was Legion's.

    But in doing all of this completely forgot why it was good on Wraith.

    * Wraith can choose how long he spends in cloaked mode meaning you get ample amount of choice to work with your decisions on what gen to go to.

    * you can maintain your fast clock speed get to the gen kick it and still be able to run after any survivors around and use your uncloak speed Boost.

    Legion however fails on both of these accounts.

    * frenzy is timed meaning you can't really analyse what's the right time to go to.

    * usually friend he's not going to get you to certain gems after that time you have a 4 second stun at which point you usually aren't going to be able to chase the survivors as efficiently if they are working at the gen as you're on cooldown from frenzy.

    Is it a bad add-on not necessarily it works well with Pop Goes the Weasel and it's not bad if you use a recharge add-on or a generation add-on but it's not good either.

    Honestly it feels like they just tried to copy and paste Wraith ultra without realising just how much it doesn't work with Legion's power in comparison with Wraith. Definitely needs a bath or just a full-scale rework to something that's more appropriate to their power.

    The cursed add-ons-

    Alright I save if these dumpster fires for last.

    Franks mixtape and stab wounds study are the worst add-ons in the game.

    It is always something I use as proof that the Legion rework and add-on pass was rushed.

    The fact that these add-ons somehow haven't got changed yet is actually very concerning.

    Rework them rework them hard. Hell wt this stage also rework the icon so I don't have to be remember what what a vile taste these things were. They were disgustingly uncounterable on the initial release of legion and now they're so pointless you'll get better results playing with a blindfold.

  • TatariuTatariu Member Posts: 1,725

    Any addon that affects, or does the following:

    • Duration.
    • Cooldown (when stacked).
    • Status effects.
    • Iridescent Button.
    • Mending.

    The following addons are terrible and you shouldn't use:

    • Power refill time.
    • Deep Wound.
    • Generator auras.
    • Killer Instinct.
  • Sandt21Sandt21 Member Posts: 493

    Stolen sketchbook and Iridescent Pin, or Stolen sketchbook and Legion Pin. those are the only two combinations i use.

    I don't see people bring up legion pin enough. I run it with dying light and thanatophobia. Bobine those two with Pop Goes the Weasel, and those gens are seeing very little progress.

  • ZackaryFreemanZackaryFreeman Member Posts: 42

    God damm I didn't even see the date on the original post

  • bjorksnasbjorksnas Member Posts: 4,215
    edited July 2020

    Who dug up a year old post

    Oh its a guy on his first post

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