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Why hasn't there been a perk like this yet?

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-insert name here- (Rarity: uncommon/rare/very rare)

You are determined to escape your foe's grasp.

If your wiggle meter is beyond 97/95/93%, within 4 meters of a hook, you will instantly break free from the killer's grasp.

You are able to wiggle during the hooking process.

If the wiggle meter is at 99% during any circumstance, you will escape their grasp but be Broken for 60 seconds.

I came up with this perk after experiencing many scenarios when I almost escaped the killer's grasp but I was placed on the hook right at the 99% mark. I'm sure this has happened to many people before:

  1. You're being carried down to the basement, and the bar has exceeded 60%.
  2. You're at the corner of the basement stairs, and you've filled up more than 3/4 of the meter.
  3. The killer hooks you just as you fill the meter to 99%, and you decide if you should punch a hole into the wall or DC.


The time it takes to wiggle out of the killer's grasp is reduced by 3%.

If you fill at least 50% of your wiggle bar and you are hooked, the next time you are put into the killer's grasp, the wiggle meter will be filled up by 50/55/60%.


After reaching at least 80% of your wiggle bar, the killer will be slowed down by 50% of their normal carry speed for 2/3/4 seconds.

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