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Killer DC during match makes all game not count.

gutiguti Member Posts: 3

So, just now I was playing a game, and during the match, a survivor DC'd because the Killer (Nurse) was hardcore tunneling him (I don't blame him tbh). Then, he hilled one of the remaining survivors, so we were 2 left. While I repaired the remaining gens, the other guy looped the the Nurse for a long while (the game probably lasted 10+ mins), and, after some time, the Killer ragequitted. On the screen after the game, there was a message saying that the game was cancelled because one of the players didn't load into the match while it was loading (obviusly not the case because we already played the game, duh...). So, nobody got points after the game, not the Killer (because he DC'd), not the survivor who ragequitted, not the remaining survivors (the other guy and myself). That is the bug. No one gained anything even when we all played the game.


It happened again!! But it's not because a survivor DC's, here no survivor quitted. So, yeah. There's the bug again.


  • gutiguti Member Posts: 3

    Edit: I'm not quite sure if this happens when/if the killer DC's, the second game where this happened, the killer didn't look like he was DCing. He was just walking normally.

  • starpilotsixstarpilotsix Member Posts: 200

    I believe it does trigger when the killer DCs (not just quits through the menu, you still get points from that, I had a game like that today, but to lose everyone points the game has to register it as a lost connection), but sometimes killers genuinely DC suddenly, just as I sometimes DC suddenly for no reason, and sometimes killers do it deliberately to cost people points... those cases, the killer might stop moving long enough to pull the wire or do whatever else they might do to break connection, while the killer moving normally might be due to a genuine dropped connection). And of course sometimes if you DC (through the game potatoing out) the game THINKS the killer DCed and so it's possible that might trigger it as well.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,327

    This is a known set of issues that is currently being investigated. They were mentioned on the most recent dev stream.

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