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Playstyles/strategies for new Legion and The Plague?

daddyodaddyo Member Posts: 42

Haven't played DBD in a bit, and while I was gone they reworked Legion and added The Plague. What's the strategy for these two? With Legion I can't down them with Frenzy, I think? Should I simply aim to get them to deep wound to waste time and then play like a regular M1 killer?

With Plague, is it valuable to infect pallets and vaults? Or should I mainly go for gens while patrolling? Am I correct in saying that corrupt purge makes them instantly broken when hit by it?


  • Meep1nk3Meep1nk3 Member Posts: 12

    For legion, you can no longer down with frenzy unless you have franks, and Frank's only brings that back to how FF was without Frank's pre 2.7.0 (i think it's 5 hits) it's not good anymore. so you were spot on for using FF to waste time then m1.

    As for plague. Corrupt purge isn't broken state on hit, but they are instantly taken down 1 health state. (if you corrupt purge an injured survivor they will be downed) but I don't play plague enough to tell you much besides that.

  • dfrenchieedfrenchiee Member Posts: 334

    Focus on vomiting on gens, vomiting on pallets and vaults won't help you much. Corrupt purge will injure them the same as a m1 attack would.

    Vomiting on them with vile purge is what gives the broken status and can be very useful since they don't get a speed boost from it.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 2,172

    With the Plague you're main focus is finding survivors and infecting them to have them go to the broken status. Infecting environmental objects is more of a tracking method for her as the infection on terrain and gens isn't long term. Survivors will tend to counter you getting your Corrupt Purge by not using the fountains so be prepared to focus on Vile purge.

    Legion currently is not in a great place. You're main playstyle is to use mending as a time waster, but the amount of time lost isn't very much. You'll need to supplement it with perks like Corrupt Intervention, Hex: Ruin, or Thanatophobia. Addons for legion are also pretty bad across the board now. His best combination is Stolen Sketchbook and yellow ruler. The pin addons will look interesting, but require you to hit someone in deep wounds with another frenzy attack to get the effect. It's not worth it. Cooldown addons have been heavily nerf and the has been increased from 3s-4s. With Cold Dirt and Joey's Mixtape you can only get down to 3.76s cooldown currently. Franks and Staby Wound study still combo together, but the time spent trying to down someone in that fashion is too much. Unless people actively stop playing the game Legion can't reliably win using Frank based playstyle.

  • CubeyBlueDiceCubeyBlueDice Member Posts: 61

    (Note: I’m new to Plague but these ideas have been working very well with me.)

    For Plague, if there lockers near a generator I try throwing up on the generator and any locker. I do this because instead of just looking in a ton of lockers and wasting time, if there was a survivor hiding in the lockers they have to wait or risk getting infected, basically revealing themselves and have to cleanse themself later on.

    If you miss a locker though just go to a different generator because you already spent time throwing up on everything else.

    A good time to use Corrupt Plague is when you hooked someone. Active it if you think someone is close or someone is about to save them. When they do save the hooked person, you can just damage both of them.

    also I’ve been wanting to try Overcharge with Plague because once the infect time on a generator disappears, they have to do a hard skill check with a high possibility of failing. They wasted time by waiting and then regressed on a generator (if they fail it).

  • SunderMunSunderMun Member Posts: 2,791
    edited May 2019

    Legion is only really useful with cooldown duration add-ons as well as frenzy duration right now; he's too easily looped while using his power.

    That said, if multiple survivors are always near each other then it can be very effective to chain an attack and then follow the last person you hit with FF - this annoys the other, wastes a tiny bit of their time, and gives you some free damage if they don't bother to heal, which at higher ranks, is often the case.

    Iridescent Button plus bamboozle is a fun mix, though. Definitely better to FF then M1; you can use it to body block the direction survivors are running, which is more effective with Joey's Mix Tape or Cold Dirt. The buttons are useless, don't bother.

    You know that it's bad when the only time a killer is really viable is when you use very rare add-ons...

    Plague depends on rank; vomiting on gens etc definitely helps with tracking, although at higher ranks survivors tend not to bother healing as it makes you supercharged - at this point, I recommend a perk like monitor and abuse to help get the jump on them and get easier first hits/make them more likely to make a mistake for the one hit you need; if they cleanse regularly then you're simply in for a great game - although don't go out of your way to get the upgrade as you want to ensure you're being efficient and have sight on a survivor/have a high pressure gen nearby that you're protecting.

    As stated above, corrupt plague is also very effective at maintaining pressure if you have a hooked survivor. Multiple broken survivors also make for a prime time to power up, even if only to make them waste more time cleansing to avoid an instant-down.

  • Master_Bad_GuyMaster_Bad_Guy Member Posts: 100

    Joey's Mix Tape and Cold Dirt, also useless. When I use them, the recharge is also 4 seconds. Or a bug, or so conceived.

  • daddyodaddyo Member Posts: 42

    Thank you guys, very helpful advice!

  • T0xicTylerT0xicTyler Member Posts: 502

    Save the Best for Last on the new Legion is very good. Still trying to work out my playstyle for Plague..

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    I never play Plague even though I bought her, that being said, I DO play Legion, here is my word on them:

    Save the Best for Last works miracles in chases, allows you to recover faster from a smack so you can utilize either Frenzy to catch up if you haven't applied Deep Wounds already, it saves your live, not Survivor's lives, Franklin's Demise is always a go along with any on hit perk like Sloppy Butcher or Hex: Third Seal. Bamboozle closes of windows while in Frenzy.

    You can use Feral Frenzy to catch up to a Survivor if you spot them from afar and take the 4 second stun, unless you have cooldown add ons, I personally love Feral Frenzy, not for the DW status effect, even though it slows the game down, more so so I can locate Survivors and get intel. Feral Frenzy everyone then take the chance to down.

  • theplagggtheplaggg Member Posts: 264

    As the Plague you should focus on getting everyone sick - not broken right away- because they will get damaged anyway after a certain period of time.

    When you see other survivors during a chase try to get at least 1 "drop" of the vile purge on them and then you can choose who to follow.

    Good survivors like to not heal against this killer whcih allows you to instadown them if you play smart or simply suprise them.

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