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Lobby Toggle

yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,801

Before a killer creates a lobby, they toggle the SWF switch to “yes” or “no”.

Yes: SWF groups are allowed in the lobby. There may be some, or all, solo players, but SWF is more likely. This option earns the killer 50% bonus bloodpoints in all categories. If the killer cancels the lobby, he can’t choose this option again for 15 minutes.

No: Bloodpoints are normal, but all survivors are solo.

Why would this toggle be beneficial?

—It allows players to customize their experience.

—Lobby dodges will become a thing of the past.

—SWF groups may learn to behave themselves a little better or risk shrinking the pool of killers willing to deal with them.


  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59
    edited May 2019

    I also want a toggle to not play with nurses or billys, oh and I also dont want to get moried.

    —less Dc's

    —nurse mains may learn to behave themselves a little better or risk shrinking the pool of survivors willing to deal with them

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,801

    I get your sarcasm loud and clear, but I’ll address your points anyway.

    Character, offerings, perks, add-ons, etc. can all be chosen after the lobby is active, so it is currently impossible to filter that. We could overhaul all of this so that it must be chosen in advance, and let players sort open lobbies by these criteria, though certain lobbies will be unavailable due to the loadout you have chosen. This allows you to further customize you experience, but may get to be a bit tedious. I wouldn’t expect this to happen.

    Disconnects will end soon enough with dedicated servers, so that’s not really a consideration.

    I’m not trying to be snide about SWF behaving themselves, but the toxic behavior commonly associated with them is well-known. Furthermore, they often find ways to communicate by voice which goes against the very premise of the game. This makes things exceptionally difficult for the killer, which is why I think the 50% bloodpoint bonus makes a nice incentive.

    Killers dodge lobbies when they feel their time will be wasted with an obviously well-coordinated SWF group. SWF groups fear having their time wasted by lobby dodges.

    Does my idea seem killer-oriented? Perhaps, and I suspect that’s why you dished out the hefty dose of sarcasm. Still, it would end lobby-dodges, so both sides win. I’m open to ideas that are survivor-oriented, or overall equitable as well. The end result is what matters. If it gives players (all players, because anyone can play killer) a chance at more bloodpoints and helps reduce toxicity, then that’s icing on the cake.

  • CragglePop_SWFoxtrotCragglePop_SWFoxtrot Member Posts: 1

    You handled that like a boss.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 1,029

    And that's a good constructive answer to not so good and constructive criticism.

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    Hey sorry if you took my comment has stupid criticism, it was mostly out of frustration. I understand your motives for this proposal but you should keep it in mind that this toggle could have a very drastic impact in an already unpredictable queue time for matchmaking. Also, would the solo survivor that gets matched with a 3 man SWF squad get any benefits? It's not hes fault hes gonna get a sweatier killer.

    Maybe an easier fix is to just prevent dodging by not letting the killer see the survivors?

  • yobudddyobuddd Member Posts: 1,801

    I am flat out impressed that you came back to apologize and I really appreciate it. That said, no worries, it’s all good!

    Now on to the points you made, because they are good ones I hadn’t thought about.

    First, it might surprise you know that I’d be okay with survivors being hidden in the lobby. There would likely be exceptionally nasty outrage from the killer community, but you know what? It achieves the end goal of stopping lobby dodges, so I’m good with it.

    I still want to discuss the toggle idea a bit more, as I believe it to be a viable alternative. You made a great point about solo survivors potentially getting shafted by this. Its fairly common knowledge that SWF groups tend to give each other more attention that they do with the solo who joins. As a result, a frustrated “sweaty” killer (now there’s a visual...) may play with less popular tactics, like tunneling. Things are looking bad for the solo at this point.

    My solution is this. Give any survivor who is not using the SWF portal a toggle as well. “Are you willing to be teamed up with SWf groups? Yes: +50% bloodpoints. No: normal bloodpoints.”

    The more I think about this, the more I like it. 1) It’s equitable to both roles, as they both have toggle options. 2) The community will be happier (or at least complain less) because everyone knows exactly what they’re signing up for. 3) Any chance at more bloodpoints is a win in my book!

    I think leaving a lobby as a survivor should still incur a 15 minute lockout from bonus bloodpoint SWF matches, just like the killer. This will prevent survivors from lobby dodging and shopping for rooms full of other solos while still earning the bonus.

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