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Bug with David's adept

ShenwickShenwick Member Posts: 9

Hi, I played a game as David with No Mither, Dead Hard and We're Gonna Live Forever, wich are the three David's perks, I escaped and didn't get the achivement. Is it normal ?


  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    By the amount of bloodpoints you received, did the the killer happen to have disconnected? Maybe it doesnt count if he disconnects?

  • ThelzxxThelzxx Member Posts: 35

    It happened to me once previously while I was trying to achieve a killer's adept achievement. I can't recall back what killer I was playing, but I indeed achieved "merciless victory" and only own teachable perks equipped but at last the achievement wasn't unlocked. I am not sure its root cause but I think replay it will do (just like I did).

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    It might be bugged, this achivements are prone to breaking. Maybe they messed up something after the 'were gonna live forever' rework, maybe the new version is considered a new perk in the games eyes and it doesnt trigger the achivement.

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