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What do you think OP is about survivor?(in terms of items, addons, perks, and Characters(Kappa)


Please explain your reasoning and the things you think are OP and what counters they have. PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU POST YOUR RESPONSE! THINK FOR EVERY POSSIBLE COUNTER! PLEASE!?! Ima go shower and mow my lawn. When I come back I expect to see some high IQ people defending their points.


  • drunky26drunky26 Member Posts: 683

    Perks and items/addons mostly.

    I mean insta heal is way too powerful.

    Don't get me wrong, killers have op [BAD WORD] too.

  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 983
    edited May 18

    I think unbalanced stuff from Survivors come mostly from combinations.

    Except for maybe MoM no perk is remotely OP or broken by itself. It's only late game scenarios with DS, BT, Adrenaline, MoM and whatever that are problematic imo, especially on more than one surv. And with the MoM changes coming I don't think those combinations will be problematic anymore. There's clear counterplay on them except MoM. And if you have only one person hooked on the late game as killer while everyone else's still alive, I don't see anything wrong with having to fight a bit to secure that kill. You're not entitled to it, and good, co-ordinated saves should be doable.

    Survs have instaheals, which are annoying af, but their secret add-ons are real bad, like beneficial to the killer sometimes with the starting together [BAD WORD]. Meanwhile killers have Ebony Mori, which is just as bad as instaheals. But those are all rare and I see them like 1 out of 25 games so idgaf.

    As for counters:

    DS has slugging, and if you're camping late game you can go for the rescuer.

    BT: go for the rescuer.

    Adrenaline: don't overcommit to chases when there's only one gen left. I see killers do that so much; You should be pressuring the remaning generators, and even hooking someone might not be optimal at that stage (a good time for slugging). If you're in a position in which the best play is to overcommit to a chase in the late game, you probably messed up before.

    Looping: this is pure gold. You can mindgame nearly every tile in this game. If you start consciously applying this and trying to mindgame tiles instead of running in a straight line, your chases will end a lot faster.

    Instaheals: this you just accept and move on lol. It's bullshit, just like Ebony Mori.

    The most important: some you win, some you lose. This game's frustrating by nature, and you'll ALWAYS remember the times when you got [BAD WORD] by strong combinations over the games that were smooth sailing. That's worth for the survivor side as well. The potato teammates 4kill 4gen are more easily remembered than 4man escapes. Failures sting, especially in this game. But if you focus on getting better, even the games you lose will feel less painful. Things like mindgaming, camping less and spreading pressure are effectively more fun than just feeling like you need to kill everyone to have fun, make you pip more, get more bloodpoints and make the game more about skill. You'll have more fun, feel better at the game and become less salty in general. Believe, it worked for me, and I'm a better player on both sides now.


    BTW everyone have a wonderful Saturday or some other day idfk what today is on the other side of the world.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 4,834

    Instaheals: They create so many broken combos and unlike most examples of hit absorption methods it doesn't have conditions or any real counterplay.

    Ebony mori: Increases your kill potential by 33% with no real mechanical downside. Doesn't even take a slot (the other Mori methods are fine)

    Keys: Not as bad as the other things on this list. But now that hatch grabs are removed there is really no way to stop a hatch escape through a key.

  • ApeOfMazorApeOfMazor Member Posts: 237

    Borrowed Time is bs. Also unhooking and your hits not registering at all is bs.

  • noneofyourbusinessnoneofyourbusiness Member Posts: 497

    Both sides have OP stuff i think. Only way to win is play OP vs OP.

  • Bug_ReporterBug_Reporter Member Posts: 673

    These are the most problematic stuff. Known as CRUTCHES, this BS gives a survivor SECOND CHANCES, as if all of their base SECOND CHANCES were not enough.

    Here is the list:

    • Crutch of Men = Use this crutch to defend yourself whenever a killer tries to hit you.
    • Decisive Crutch = Hit this crutch on the killer's head for an EASY way out.
    • Borrowed Crutch = Lend this one to a fellow Crutch User so he can loop the killer for you.
    • Self Crutch = These are for personal use only, really helps on making you even more UNISKILLED than normal.
    • Sprinting Crutches = Did you know that you can run faster if you use your Crutches in addition to your legs?
    • Dead Crutches = DODGE the killer by using one of your Crutches as a boost while lefting it behind.
    • Adrenal Crutches = There is a secret syringe hide inside this one.

    There are no counters, only your lack of SKILL if you use any of those. Btw, this is not finished, i gonna make a proper post including everything later on.

  • ReikoMoriReikoMori Member Posts: 1,278

    The only thing I have real issue with at the moment is that Adrenaline bypasses exhaustion. As you move further up the ranks you see more adrenaline. There isn't much though behind it and in general I think it is just sort of existing because it has been that way for so long.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 1,223
    edited May 20


  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 4,719

    Insta heals are a little busted as they have no counter and there can be multiple of them.

    However that said, the biggest OP thing about survivors isn't perks/addons/offerings or any of that, it's the games map design. Pallets/windows/loops are way too prevalent and way too strong. That is what the real issue is.

  • legion_mainlegion_main Member Posts: 483

    Nothing really as everything is counterable

    doesent matter who I face I always get a 3k or 4k

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 4,784

    I don’t think theres anyone OP item or perk.

    It’s the lack of restrictions on loadouts thats a problem.

    Builds like MoM, DH, SC, and Adrenaline, PLUS insta heal medkits are just ridiculously unbalanced. ESPECIALLY if all 4 survivors have this build or something similar.

  • rayoxiumrayoxium Member Posts: 97

    Spirit prayer beads shouldn't be in the game, you made her power about listening to her wooshing to you and it’s gone. That’s powerful.

    Iridescent heads for huntress is pretty strong, to be fair not a lot of huntress’s use them which is cool. But just because it’s rare doesn’t make it fair.

    Instaheals are the bane of my existence. Don’t you dare bring that stinky medkit near me I’ll tunnel you I’ll do it.

  • WeederickWeederick Member Posts: 754

    Stacking second chances, because too many have been added.

    Looping former infinites still wins the game.

    And genrush ofc. The #1 problem in dbd imo. Still... untouched.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
    edited May 21

    No survivor builds are OP. The only thing that is OP is Survivors working together as a team.

    A lot of people are complaining about MoM and "second chance" perks, but if only one survivor is running them it's seriously no big deal. I have gotten 3k or 4ks with survivors running the second chance perks.

    The problem is when everyone on the survivor team is doing the same thing. Synergies then come into being and the game becomes a whole lot harder for the killer. Even No Mither-Sabo crap builds become amazing if the entire team is working together in concert.

    Coordinated survivor teams are very rare though. I've never even been in one and I'm a survivor main.

    I have never played Killer in higher ranks so I guess up there in the reds where every enemy team is a 4-man SWF it's probably an issue. But otherwise there is seriously nothing OP about survivors individually, even the most toxic builds like Adrenaline/MOM/DS/SC + Styptic Agent or Anti-Hemmorage Syringe.

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