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Broken Key Rework

So everyone knows broken keys are pretty pointless...even with the current add-ons, it’s still fairly weak. To slightly buff it up, I think it would be interesting if it allowed you to open the hatch, but only under the following condition: the killer has already closed the hatch. So it wouldn’t be as strong as a regular pink/purple key, but it would be incredibly more useful. Thoughts?


  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59
    edited May 2019

    I dont think the key should be able to open the hatch, maybe it could have a buff to the aura reading timer since you kind of need to bring at least one timer increase to be able to use it, wasting an add on slot in the process.

    Although there was a recent fix to the mind channeling and the map reading, so it only deplits the item charges when the bar is full and not while it is filling, it still fells a little underwhelming to only have 10 seconds of usage.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    They key needs to be useful on its own, because it's fairly common to find it in a chest and when I do I feel like rage-quitting.

    I like the idea that it can open the hatch under specific conditions. That the killer must have closed the hatch sounds like a good prerequisite, I would also add in that you need to have been hooked by the killer at least once -- idea is you slipped a hand into his pocket while you were being hooked to find a piece of the key and some super glue.

    That added requirement makes it so that you can't get out by just hiding in lockers, you need to risk some blood.

  • se05239se05239 Member Posts: 3,919

    Just remove it from the game altogether. It serves literally no purpose other than making the grind worse.

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    Your proposal is so convoluted and random I dont think it would ever be implemented.

    I also think the key should do something on its own but I dont think opening the hatch is the right ideia.

  • LastShoeLastShoe Member Posts: 1,029

    Maybe just add a strongbox that always have an item of green or higher rarity, but it has to be opened with a green key. Maybe there could be also added a new item that can be found only in the mentioned strongbox.

  • wildcats25wildcats25 Member Posts: 42

    how about ... survivors that hold the key are unable to trigger Hag's phantasms while walking/running.

  • thatspicynoob666thatspicynoob666 Member Posts: 2

    I like this idea! Currently this is the most useless item in the game and really needs a buff in a way that makes it balanced...and having it be useful under new conditions (with the newly added content of egc) will help make this item viable

  • starpilotsixstarpilotsix Member Posts: 200

    Here's my idea: Remove/rename the broken key. Replace it with the Utility Key (or maybe come up with a better name), and, in the process, open up the option of what keys can do. Aura abilities remain unchanged (maybe swap the utility key and dull key's durations for those since the utility key is more useful now)

    So you'd have:

    1) Utility Key: This is a small key looking like it's designed mostly for mechanical purposes rather than opening doors. This key can NOT open the hatch. Instead, it can be completely expended to do assorted other effects, for instance:

    • remove a Pig's trap from yourself or another person (maybe a bit too powerful now that Pig's been a little nerfed, but you are completely expending an item)
    • instantly and soundlessly disable one Trapper trap (maybe something halfway between a sabotage and a disable, where it looks like it's still active, but will not trigger until the Trapper picks it up and sets it again.  
    • trigger one openable door around the map. The garage in Gas Heaven, one of the doors in the Game, the locked area in the Temple of Purgation, the extra door on the swamp map, etc. Maybe you want to give yourself another exit from a room with one of the last 3 gens, distract the killer with sound, etc. To minimize coding difficulty (the need to put activation-places near every door) you could require this to be used on the generator that powers that effect rather than the door itself. This tactic also gives the devs room to grow and make other utility-key based doors or windows that do NOT have a generator attached.
    • protect a single gen from regression effects (including Pop Goes the Weasel) for 60 seconds (making it useful if you've accidentally gotten yourself 3-genned).
    • Some kind of EGC benefit, like maybe opening a powered exit door instantly, or giving you a time buffer before the entity consumes you.

    2) Dull Key: This key can ONLY open the hatch (and do the normal aura reading stuff).  

    3) Skeleton Key: This key, as the name implies, is magic and can open any lock, so duplicating the effects of the tiny key and dull key. As a bonus, perhaps, although it is completely expended on the Hatch, a use of the tiny key abilities simply consumes half of its charges (if they haven't been used for something else). 

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    It's not a bad item, it's just useless without addons, that's why we're annoyed when we find one in a chest. With the right addons though, it can give you some 10-15 seconds of killer aura reading (VERY useful), or 20 seconds of a Bond effect with extended radius, practically granting you an extra perk. Now, some tweaking of the timer or some other attributes may be ok, but giving it the ability to open hatch? That's a crazy idea. There are already lots of purple and pink keys in survivors' possession, there's an increased chance lately to find one in a chest as well, and on top of all this, Plunderer's increases those chances even further.

    No thanks. It's not like I want easy games, but I sure as hell don't want to see a bloody key in all of my games.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    Actually it is a bad item.

    It's useless without add-ons, and it's a piece of turd with add-ons.

  • VolfawottVolfawott Member Posts: 3,794


    Amanda has already got a pretty annoying enough to her traps taking it out of end game.

    The traps themselves are very RNG heavy we did get a clear explanation on how exactly they work.

    However the main problem is other than the nerf and the RNG is that the traps are just way too easy to remove. Basically doing standard skill checks with no difficulty towards them and there's no way to add any extra difficulty with huntress lullaby or anything like that ( you can use an unnerving presence but as I've said before that perk tends to make it easier to do skill checks if you're competent the only time it's difficult is against the doctor and that's just because of Madness)

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