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hooking people mean you don't need bbq and chili

beastybeasty Member Posts: 21

me and my friends suffered from an exploit where the killer don't need barbecue and chili to see auras when hooking somebody , if the killer hook someone and turn around looking throught the hook he will be able to see auras no barbecue needed, the killer confessed about it and we reported him with the proofs but this is a major exploit that need to be fixed ASAP


  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    Im not really sure of how the killer supposably performed this potential exploit, reading your post doesnt make it very clear.

    Did the killer use the hook aura (the yellow one) to somehow see the survivors aura or was it the bubble?

    Also, when you said 'the killer confessed about it' it could have been him just brushing you guys off in a sarcastic way and there could be no exploit at all.

  • beastybeasty Member Posts: 21
    edited May 2019

    somebody told me the bug has been fixed with the hotfix but to answer you i don't know because i was not the killer and i don't abuse the bugs

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