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Weird ideas: "Killer-y" survivor, "survivor-y" killer

EndorbEndorb Member Posts: 79

So, randomly had this idea and the more I thought about it the cooler I felt it would be. I know that it's not the most refined, but I'd rather get the idea out there and let other, more talented people discuss refining it than making it perfect on my own.

Backstory: I think it would make the most sense for them to do something they have yet to do with original characters; have them directly interact. Let's call them Jack and Bob; I don't have full backstory thought out, but I imagine it ends with Jack trying to murder Bob. In the end though, Jack hesitates and, in his desperation, Bob turns it around and kills Bob in cold blood. The entity, seeing this reversal, changes plans on who gets what role in his realm.

Jack's perks: These are more thematically than mechanically reinforcing the murderous survivor themeing.

• Ear to the Entity: You receive loud noise notifications

Not sure how to give this multiple tiers, and it might seem niche but consider that it would let you know someone is in a chase. It's not the only perk to fill that criteria, but it's a unique one, also letting you know when others might be drawing the killer away with a loud noise. Ultimately, I feel it would just

• Them (It needs a better name): Decreases your chance to be the obsession. When you are not the obsession, perform actions with a progress bar 15/20/25% faster when within 24m of the obsession. See the obsession's aura when within that range. This effect persists for 5 seconds after leaving that range

Being a killer-y survivor, having an obsession perk that doesn't effect the obsession directly seems like a good idea. I figure one that increased action speed made the most sense.

• Confrontational: When within a very short range of the killer and not in a chase, you can hit the secondary action button; the killer is stunned (i)or blinded for 2 seconds. 30/25/20 second cooldown. It should come with a unique

Probably the most controvertial of the 3 perks, and I won't have much to defend it if you say it's not fitting of DbD or it's too strong in concept or it's an SWF-only type perk, but I at least think it's very thematic of the backstory and concept of the character.

Bob's perks: I was having a lot more touble with these ones, so I ended up making the first two less "survivor-y killer" perks and more "nice guy killer" perks

• Mercy, For Now: When a survivor is unhooked, if they heal before being hit again, receive a notification and see their aura for 7/8/9 seconds. They then become exposed for 10 seconds

I kinda thought about a perk that encourages letting the hooked person (and to an extent, their rescuer) go, and this was what I came up with.

• Soft Spot: for each remaining survivor, gain a token. Each token causes a 3/4/5% penalty to actions with progress bars. When only 1 survivor remains, lose 2% movement speed.

This perk is basically trying to give you a "let the last one go" incentive.

• Reclaim Humanity: Every time a generator finishes, gain a token. Using the secondary action button (the same one as deadhard), you spend a token. Your stain is removed and your terror radius is reduced to 4m for 5/7/9 seconds.

Bob's Power/playstyle: Obviously, the first thing someone might think of for a survivory killer would be one of the hundreds of the "Look I disgused as a survivor" ideas that mostly hit flat. Instead, i thought that to emulate that aspect, he'd instead just be a similar height and size to survivors, running and vaulting animations similar to survivors, and being a 24m TR killer. As for his power, that's stumping me a bit... I'm thinking a power that prevents you from hitting people in exchange for information. I'm thinking a 10 second channel, that lets you move, and you can see how finished gens are by their auras? Or maybe you can set up lockers or generators to tell you when survivors interact? This is the biggest "no idea" I've had with this idea.

Looking to see feedback on this idea in general, the specific ideas i had for perks/power, and your own ideas on the theme!


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