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So, about the DLCs...

Okay, let me get this straight.

When BHVR announced that DLC killes and survivors would be farmable, I was quite happy.

Because this way one could just buy the game and then farm and unlock what he wanted by playing the game normally, not even needing to do anything specific, just by playing. Also, some cosmetics were farmable as well. Again, good one, I don't get the people complaining about needing to give cash in order to obtain cosmetic.

But... I definitely have some complaints about the whole licensed characters myself. I get it, they cost money to get in the game, but as far as it goes, the cost of the licensed characters together is 150% the cost of the game, since the 3 survivor-killer ones cost 7 euros each, LF and ash cost 5 euros each, for a total of 31 euros. AND we're gonna have ghostface as well, so yeah, 7 more euros. Why not loweing it a bit? It's not appealing to anyone who starts to play the game, because he would have to spend quite some money all of a sudden just to experience every killer.

This adds up with the issue of the shrine of secrets.

"Ah yeah, 20 DLC characters with 3 perks each for a total of 60 perks, what's wrong with just 4 different ones per week?"

It already sounds bad (even more by considering how little perks such as ruin and BBQ show up) without taking into consideration that free characters have their perks in the shrine as well.

A good fix? First, put up a decent perk rotation. Then, either limit the shrine to paywalled characters or limit it to DLC characters in general BUT we get 5/6 per week.

I'm not saying all of this for myself, since I already have 90% of it. It's just something really unappealing to new players, think about it.


  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59
    edited May 2019

    I dont think the licenced DLCs revenue is just for behaviour, I'm pretty sure the lincense holders also get a cut. Also, dont forget about steams cut.

  • MechDragon98MechDragon98 Member Posts: 5

    It means nothing, they cost as much as a farmable DLC while not being farmable. I'm okay with the farmable dlcs costing 7 euros, but not so much about the licensed ones.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 5,749

    its the fact that they are licensed which makes them cost real money.

    the devs themselves also had to spend money to get the rights to even use these iconic horror film characters, so its obvious they would also be real money only.

    i think it would be better if every killer was unlocked in KYF mode, so players could test them out, get better with their mechanics and then decide weather they want to buy them or not.

    for the shrine, i think the ability to reroll perks once or twice a week would work out, as you'd have the chance to gain new perks more consistantly. it should still be random though, so that players cant just get all the crutches and leave again... might just be my opinion though

    (i dont use the shrine anymore since i can get cosmetics aswell now for the same currency. also, i already own all chapters so i unlock the perks as soon as i can)

  • tt_ivi_99tt_ivi_99 Member Posts: 1,451

    You can wait for the summer/winter sales and get all DLCs for leds than 20€.

  • FigasFigas Member Posts: 59

    It actually means something, they have a contract with the licensers, they cant just give a cut of a free currency to the licensers, thats not how it works.

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,586

    They cant cut the price or make them available for shards they have to pay to license these dlcs

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,358

    Ghostface will be special case its not a full license since they make him hes skin different they only have the rights of the mask also paulie said that if you buy ghostface dlc you get a special skin for it while you can buy it for shards and not paying it

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