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Who is your favourite licensed survivor?



  • ArcaneMantisArcaneMantis Member Posts: 26
    Detective David Tapp

    Good ol Tapp

  • Snow_Snow_ Member Posts: 42
    Quentin Smith

    Quentin is my son and I love him

  • GhostrickSpecterGhostrickSpecter Member Posts: 386
    Laurie Strode

    Definitely Laurie. She's the only licensed female survivor btw

  • NoreturnNoreturn Member Posts: 6
    Bill Overbeck

    For me its Bill! love it that they brought my l4d main into dbd^^

  • No_Cluie_LouisNo_Cluie_Louis Member Posts: 859
    Bill Overbeck

    He's cute and he's got good perks. Him and his borrowed time are the reason we aren't left for dead to those campers every game.

  • SkyeLovesCatsSkyeLovesCats Member Posts: 7
    Bill Overbeck

    Gotta be Bill for me. He's my boy!

  • tomlive2002tomlive2002 Member Posts: 2
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie because shes badass in the movies and in this game :)

  • PhantomMask20763PhantomMask20763 Member Posts: 3,749
    Detective David Tapp
    Just because I like the saw franchise 
  • Dabrownman1812Dabrownman1812 Member Posts: 1,629
    Detective David Tapp
    Gotta rep the Tapp, but coach=Tapp+bill. We need coach for console
  • No_Mither_No_ProblemNo_Mither_No_Problem Member Posts: 1,118
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill because he's the only one who actually looks like how he did in the original franchise.

  • GrimmymoreGrimmymore Member Posts: 8
    Quentin Smith
    I love both Laurie and Quentin.  :) :'(
  • MissDinoMissDino Member Posts: 7
    Bill Overbeck


  • Darckshado9Darckshado9 Member Posts: 23
    Laurie Strode

    ez Laurie, most fun build, knowing where the killer is at the expense of them knowing your location, and forcing you to stay back and become a stealth Powerhouse late game if they let you get there.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 3,379
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill for the memes

  • MeatN2VedgeMeatN2Vedge Member Posts: 24
    Detective David Tapp
    Stake out is underrated in my opinion, plus being Tenaciously Unbreakable is nice in a slug fest.
  • LunarPhoenix0LunarPhoenix0 Member Posts: 12
    Detective David Tapp

    Tapp is the man, hardly ever see him in games so I'm usually the one to take the mantle with the full P3 set

  • BLUE_APEBLUE_APE Member Posts: 282
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie Storde Baby!!
    She's actually one of the reasons why I wanted to play DBD and why I watched Halloween
    One of the best choices of my life

  • lionsoulionsou Member Posts: 57
    Detective David Tapp

    Tapp can Tapp into my heart any day!

  • Sin_A_Man_BunZSin_A_Man_BunZ Member Posts: 11
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie is my pick just because I'm such a huge fan of the Halloween movies and her character.

    Tapp looks awesome in game though so I do like him as well.

    Bill is a nice addition for sure, so I don't have any issue with him.

    Quentin though................... It should have been Nancy, that's all I'm gonna say.

  • LRGamerLRGamer Member Posts: 145
    Quentin Smith
    My Precious Gollum
  • PlippyPlippy Member Posts: 185
    Bill Overbeck

    Bill, just because I like to think he's on an eternal quest to find pills here.

  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 663
    Detective David Tapp

    Mah boi tap is on the case breaking your totems and rushing your gens.

  • M4rkayM4rkay Member Posts: 19
    Bill Overbeck

    Since I grew up with Left 4 Dead, Bill will always be on my right hand of choice. Laurie is my second, because she's extremely fun to play as :)

  • CheersTCCheersTC Member Posts: 59
    Detective David Tapp
    Big fan of saw films <3
  • DesoDeso Member Posts: 9
    Bill Overbeck

    i always played Bill in left 4 dead because of the way he said "Zoeeeey" every time Zoey shot him. so Bill is best licensed survivor.

  • TheLegendDyl4n1TheLegendDyl4n1 Member Posts: 1,111
    Bill Overbeck


  • Detective David Tapp

    Tapp is such a handy guy to have around, didn't notice how great his Stake Out Perk was until I started using it myself. Not to mention, that alternate outfit of his is perfect attire to wear to the Entity's Trials. I'd pick Laurie but I am too crap at actually playing Survivor to be able to deal with her Unique Perks!

  • alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,556
    Laurie Strode

    @Nathan said:
    A good Bill should never be left 4 dead :p

    Now thats pretty good

  • alivebydeadightalivebydeadight Member Posts: 1,556
    Laurie Strode

    Laurie because i will stab sum billy boi and he will disconnect

  • Judgey001Judgey001 Member Posts: 4
    Quentin Smith
    I love Quentin so much! I just imagine him as a sleepy Dwight :p
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