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Which Cosmetics Did You Buy?

KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,430
edited July 2018 in General Discussions
And which ones do you plan to buy? Post your screenshots. 

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  • OXYOXY Member Posts: 69
    edited July 2018

    None yet. I prefer the prestige blood over the cosmetic items in the store. Especially for Survivors.

    If I WAS to get one then it would probably be one of Doc's cosmetics. He looks dapper in one of those waistcoats (or whatever they're called)

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  • KhalednazariKhalednazari Member Posts: 1,430
    PieMan said:

    I'm a main Dwight on the survivor side and I really want his fedora. Other than that I've just been on the grind for outfits like the Wax Warlock and the Kitty Huntress. After that I'll just start getting other good lookin' stuff. And I would like to sway this question your way too @Khalednazari , what have you bought/want to buy?

    I would really would like to get all of Doctor's outfits, especially the Therapist one. I like Megs, too. I am not really a fan of Claudette's outfit, even though she's my main. I hope in future they introduce more. 
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