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Killer instinct range addons on Legion are legit HOT.

GonzolaxGonzolax Member Posts: 41
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Hey guys, fellow variety killer main here, (yes, even """"nerfed xd"""" legion) playing on the mid green-purple ranks, and I would like to say that killer instinct addons on Legion are pretty solid if you wanna chain attacks and apply multiple injuries to survivor and play m1ator with everyone. You know the legion tactic where you go stab, then stab, then stab, then stab, them m1? Well this is it. Lets say you bring save the best for last, I personally deep wound the obsession and look for others, when doing that, equip friendship bracelet and iridescent button, it will be your companion for the entire match.

My point is, if there are even any players willing to try Legion, with the hit and run tactic on legion, I would recommend using any increased killer instinct range addons.

Also yeah its me from the other discussion. Sup.


  • GonzolaxGonzolax Member Posts: 41
    edited May 2019


  • DehitayDehitay Member Posts: 1,723

    This is fun when it works, but as you climb up the ranks, you can rarely get 2 people in deep wounds from the same feral frenzy. The further away they are, the less likely you'll even get near them before frenzy times out.

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