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Strong Killers, Weak Killers, blah blah just fix Looping

MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

People like to talk about the killer meta and how Nurse, Spirit etc. are the best killers while everyone else is not viable. To be honest I think this is wrong. Nurse and Spirit get thumbs up because they do well against Loopers. That's the nature of their ability.

All other killers are "not viable" because they don't have abilities that help them in the chase.

I think this is a sad culture for the game because every other killer is looked down on, and everyone is asking for buffs to these killers even when, in truth, they are actually very powerful in their own ways. What people don't realize is that asking for buffs to these killers just encourages the game to develop into one homogenous glop of boring.

The buffs people want for every other B-Tier or lower killer is always an improvement to their chase ability, so that they can deal with loopers. This is just bad for the game because it reinforces what is already happening:

The only viable way to play Survivor is to Loop.

And nobody wants that. Not killers and certainly not survivors. The devs and the playerbase need to accept that the way to fix this game isn't to buff killers. It's to nerf survivors by completely toning down looping so that it doesn't become an overpowering, all-becoming tactic.

Once that has been done, the next step is to buff survivors in other ways. Make stealth viable and agood option. Not only is stealth incredibly hard to do and very unrewarding -- a looper buys time much more effectively for their team than a stealth player, and in a chase will get far more blood points far more quickly than someone skulking around, even if they are right next to the killer and undetected.

Stealth in many ways has been rendered useless because of the amazing array of detection perks Killers now have at their disposable. Which is not to say anything about the lighting change back in 2.3 or whatever patch it was, which completely nerfs stealth all around.

What the devs did wrong, is that they made powerful detection perks like BBQ and Chili available to killers who are not supposed to be good at detection and are better at chasing -- like Spirit and Nurse. This is basically the same mistake as buffing all B-Tier killers into being good at looping.

What is the sense of that? It just makes everything homogenous. These killers should shine in their own ways, while killers that are godly at chases should shine in chases rather than in finding killers. Horses for courses.

Do not make the mistake and buff the "bad" killers into being able to chase more effectively. There should be a balance between stealth and looping, detecting and chasing, and there is at least one more element that needs to be taken into consideration : buffing and debuffing (survivors that buff themselves and others into being more efficient at repairs or healing, or killers that are good at delaying the game with debuffs).

All of these need to be incorporated into a balanced game design rather than just streamlining the game and emphasizing one point. The game will be much better for it, trust me.


  • gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

    Loops being a problem has more to do with combinations of structures or infinites. Structures like L-wall T-walls are very mindgameable, and isolated shack or jungle gyms don't take that much time. Sure, if you're playing an M1 killer and just try to brute force loops you'll be in trouble, but most structures can be mindgamed.

    The problem lies in map generation, multiple structures together, infinites, BS windows etc.

    I think the reason why some killers are weak is because they don't to anything properly. Not all killers need to end chases quickly to be viable. Legion is in a pretty OK spot now largely by being able to slow the game down, as they're still very loopable. Clown, on the other hand, isn't top tier, even though his ability is designed around ending chases quickly, because he lacks map pressure. Chases aren't everything in this game.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,811

    I'm going to have to disagree with a number of fundamental premises to your argument.

    "The only viable way to play Survivor is to Loop. And nobody wants that."

    I disagree with both parts of this statement. Looping is not the only viable way to play survivors. Survivors have a deeper toolbox of strategies at their disposal than looping. Many of which are in fact viable. But it is the simplest and most commonly accepted strategy. Also, quite a few players do enjoy looping. Generally, not the killers. But many survivors find great joy in running the killer around.

    "next step is to buff survivors in other ways. Make stealth viable and a good option."

    I don't think making stealth the primary method to play the game is a good choice. Stealth is pretty boring honestly. Being chased is much more entertaining. It is also difficult to properly reward bloodpoints for stealth play.

  • ArrozArroz Member Posts: 1,433

    Im going to disagree because I hate stealth players, boring af

  • Mat_SellaMat_Sella Member Posts: 1,569

    I enjoy looping as survivor, its thrilling and fun to use tools to my advantage. Now, i do not use perks that assist in a chase (Lithe / BL ), so i would not be aware of the sheer amount of strength certain loops have, but if they were created in a way that would be healthier, i wouldn't mind that.

  • Steve0333Steve0333 Member Posts: 529

    Every killer is viable if you know how to use them. There are plenty of streamers who are in the top ranks who play with a variety of killers and get 3k or 4k consistently. One YouTuber I like to watch is TrU3Ta1ent and he is a beast with Freddy.

    One thing he does is he does not engage in long chases. If someone is in a loopable area he leaves and finds other survivors, putting as many to sleep as possible and attacking strategically and when the survivors are the most vunerable.

    One thing Freddy is really good at once you really learn to play him is that he destroys stealth. He is a very hard killer to hide from. Even when not in dream world, he has addons that can greatly increase the range of his dream demon, so you can just be walking around with the dream demon active and find survivors crouching in tall grass without actually seeing them.

    With perks like nurse's calling and BBQ it makes hiding from Freddy that much more difficult.

    People say Freddy is low tier but learn to play him and he is at least mid-tier for even average players.

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