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The DC problem: ScottJund's stream

gantesgantes Member Posts: 1,611

I'm watching Scott's stream from yesterday and I'm just speechless.

As some of you know, he's a very good killer play, sitting at red ranks. Therefore, he plays against high-rank, theoretically good survivors.

He went through 3 hours of gameplay without having a single match with no DCs. He was using Spirit, Huntress and Billy, with pretty standard builds, nothing toxic or overpowered. Then he tried a Wraith game. There's no way people will DC against Wraith, right?

Wrong. He only got a match with no DCs by playing perkless, add-onless Freddy, and got only one kill (because the survivors deliberately left their teammate behind, it was an easy save). Only in a game that easy did no one DC.

Let's face it, DCs don't happen only against strong killers. Some DCs can be attributed to that. Some DCs happen against Nurse, Prayer Beads Spirit, Instasaw Billy or Iri Head Huntress. But most don't. Most DCs happen because people don't like losing. Most DCs happen because there is no punishment (and you can downright abuse DC to rank up, since the two pips you lose when DCing come back upon restarting the game so you can just DC from any game you know you won't get a pip from).

The problem isn't on the game, the problem is on the players' mentality. Before complaining about the game state, everyone should think long and hard about whether or not they're contributing to make a decently enjoyable experience for the other players, which are human beings just like you.

Until dedicated servers roll out, we're stuck with no punishment from DC, so please think about how you're making everyone else miserable everytime you ragequit from a game.


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