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Involuntary DCs - The Experience

SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280
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To everyone complaining about the "massive DC epidemic", no, it's not as bad as you think. Well, at least not how you THINK it is happening.

You can tell an involuntary DC because the icon changes and makes no sound mid-game. More times than not, it'll be 2+ people simultaneously. I just played 8 games, and here were the results:

  • IDC = Involuntary DC
  • VDC = Voluntary DC

So out of the 8 games I played as killer, 12/32 (38%) survivors were IDC while only 2 were VDC (6%). Only 2/8 (25%) games was there no IDC at all.

This is ######### crazy, and I know I'm clearly not the only one by the massive amount of posts about this. The fact that nothing has been done to resolve this issue affecting hundreds, if not thousands, of players for MONTHS is ludicrous. For me, it's been since March. M-A-R-C-H.

So in the end, with this small sample it shows that 88% of my games will have a DC in some form, being primarily IDC, which seems pretty accurate to the last couple of months of playing as killer.

And more importantly, another player has just uninstalled the game until something is posted saying this ######### has been resolved.

Pretty good job indeed.


  • theArashitheArashi Member Posts: 995

    I guess you are lucky then.

    From games I watched and played great majority are RQ(with a sound). My sample is probably less significant as I don't like to play games against 2 survivors because other 2 DC as soon as they go down.

  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,519
    edited May 2019

    fun fact: disconnecting your internet also doesn't make a sound when you leave, and allows you to keep your item, so this isn't very credible. you'd have to contact all those people and ask them if they chose to dc or not (even then some of them could lie about it)

    edit: I'm not saying this doesn't happen, I'm saying this could be overexaggerated, as people are willing to dc over almost anything

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    1 person pulling a cord doesn't cause 1+ other people to disconnect in a simultaneous fashion. The true over-exaggeration is the likeliness of someone actually getting up just to unplug their cable to exit a match. I'd wager that about 99% of DCs are NOT someone wasting the time and effort to pull their ethernet.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280
    edited May 2019

    It's not a matter of luck. As I said, there are a shitload of other players complaining about people "DCing against them every game", most of them don't even know about the IDC issues that popped up back in March.

    In my case, everything was fine up until the Plague patch back in March. Since her release day, this has been my experience every game since. I don't know if there was a netcode change, maybe something with EAC (which is garbage as we all know), but something happened that affected a lot of people. Everything was 100% fine before that patch, and the best we've gotten on the matter is "We're looking into it" with no updates on this particular issue since.

    And of course, the people who aren't affected claim that it's "normal" and "DCs are just on the rise".

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 10,074

    "You can tell an involuntary DC because the icon changes and makes no sound mid-game."

    I just highly disagree with this.

    They don't coincidentally get DC'd involuntarily right as I walk over to pick up each person for their first hook and this is 90% of the DC's at least.

    Also, the icon changing with no sound can literally be the difference of them plug pulling or just hitting leave game.

    You are making A LOT of assumptions in this analysis that just aren't accurate.

  • jus_Ignantjus_Ignant Member Posts: 124

    You would think the forums would be littered with survivors complaining about constantly being disconnected if there were that many involuntary disconnects. I'm a 'survivor main' who dabbles with Killer and I'm not buying it.

  • CallMeSpideyCallMeSpidey Member Posts: 625

    Yes! Thank you for bringing this up!

    I was on Haddonfield yesterday, I was healing a Kate and it took 10 seconds for the healing timer to make any progress, 2 seconds later she gets disconnected.

    I knew she didn't rage quit because we were 4 gens done, and 2 hooks.

    She also had a Green Toolbox with good addons and she just poofed, so I knew she didn't rage quit.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    You can not buy it all you want, but realize that the experience is vastly different between survivor and killer. This is gonna be a long one, bear with me because it requires a lot of explaining since people who don't suffer this issues don't know what to look for. Hell, even people who do don't know.

    When playing survivor, I see and get IDC'd WAY less than when I play killer. Sometimes it's several games in a row, sometimes I can go entire sessions without seeing/experiencing one. So what's the difference? I'm not the killer, thus not the host.

    Since the entire connection is based on the killer, if the killer doesn't suffer from the IDC issue then everything is fine. But if you get into a lobby with one, well then it's a gamble if you're going to get to play the whole game. And you have no idea until it's too late.

    "Why don't survivors complain about IDCs then?"

    Well, that's a simple one. As a survivor, if you are IDC'd you just go to the score screen as usual and you typically have no idea it even happened. Why? Because the entire process looks like the killer RQ'd, and we all know survivors LOVE when they can get a killer to RQ. So instead of going "Hey, maybe I/we got IDC'd..." they go "ROFL MAD KILLER MAD RQ'D" and go to the next match. Literally the only way I know when I get IDC'd is if I'm in a duo and he's still in the game and I'm not. But if we both get IDC'd, it just looks like the killer RQ'd, not knowing that we were both IDC'd, and we move on to the next game.

    Now, the quirk here is that when playing a killer, IDCs don't happen to you - they still happen to the survivors. On rare occasions only 1 member of a SWF has IDC'd and their teammates tell me in post chat that their buddy got DC'd when they entered a locker, while working on their gen, etc. The more... colorful ones start crying about "hacks" and start spamming the report button.

    So taking all this into account, yes, killers are far more likely to complain about IDCs because a) they're the ones who actually see it and b) they don't know they're the ones actually causing them. They just see DC after DC after DC after DC, almost every game and think "omfg the survivors are such babies now!" Survivors? They just think the killer RQ'd, pat themselves on the back for being "too skilled", and requeue for the next match.

    At first, yeah, it looks random. But after months of this, it's become pattern but sadly the cause still eludes me.



  • artistartist Member Posts: 1,519

    alt tabbing and disconnecting your internet takes 5 seconds, not a lot of time or effort required

  • AntiJellyAntiJelly Member Posts: 1,148

    I think this might be a side effect of the transition from P2P to dedicated servers

  • VliegerVlieger Member Posts: 326

    @Sythalin While this whole conversation is speculation... just wanted to second this in reply to your "The true over-exaggeration is the likeliness of someone actually getting up just to unplug their cable to exit a match"

    You do not need to physically unplug a cord to disconnect your internet. It can be done with just a few clicks.

  • SythalinSythalin Member Posts: 280

    True, but it's still not as common as people think it is. And again, all these were simultaneous, which is not gonna happen when 1 person "pulls the plug", which completely invalidates that.

  • JoakimGrDayJoakimGrDay Member Posts: 105

    So there are various reasons why people would do it intentionally, I must say I agree you can get frustrated from times to times because the reasons they bring up is legit mindblowing. The game actually has to be adjusted to make it look more realistic in its physics.

    When I've asked people why they DC it's either because:

    1. Lag. I feel this one so bad. Have you ever been in that certain lobby that shows you a decent 50-90ms? Well sometimes that changes. If a killer would use a software to decrease her/his internet speed. Or if the killer has a download in the background, or simply has a bad internet (Would have been displayed in the beginning of the game, so you would have the option right there to leave!) Anyways here's a game where the ping was around 90 and it's legitimate not a hit! Ping = 90 Stable: https://youtu.be/uVHTOuBFXbE
    2. They vault a window and when they run away a distance, they still get hit. Demonstration video! Ping = 52 Stable: https://youtu.be/o-4nuO-atyU
    3. Hit when they are on the other side of the pallet. This is a POV video and actually looks the same on both screens. Ping = 60 Very Stable. Killer POV: https://youtu.be/eU2pulsj0os - Survivor POV: https://youtu.be/u48yipSu5As
    4. There's an interruption between the internet module and the dead by daylight servers, making a disconnetion every 10 minutes ish. I've been experiencing this on my old computer so now I use my school pc. At first it was the same.

    I think I have a solution for this. So in order to make this rather fair, change the animations so they actually look more attached to the survivor. Like as if the killer would bend over a bit.

    There's many disconnecting for unneccesary reasons aswell. But these are the most common! ;)

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