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Generator Teleport

Devs, do you assume that Survivors are blind and stupid?

Why the hell does the Generator spew blood when CHARGING that power? Why does the Survivor have to be warned already when you're still contemplating whether or not to teleport to a specific gen?

Yes, it's noob-friendly, but that philosophy already did more than enough damage. Experienced Survivors won't fall for this unless they play like bad deliberately.

I really do not understand your reasoning sometimes, it's quite disappointing.

I'm not looking forward to that rework.


  • lapa3412lapa3412 Member Posts: 18

    I fully support, and I also want to add: why does the awakening occur on the clock? in films they use different medications, you could have made a cupboard with medicines or something similar.

  • RFlexRFlex Member Posts: 12

    Why you talking so much [BAD WORD] when you havent even fully seen how the killer is going to be played or what are the numbers for each action. Have you seen full gameplay of the killer to assume its bad? Or are you just jumping to conclusions from just seeing a sneak peek?

    The perk is made to help the killer traverse through the map faster not to grab survivors off generators

  • JawsIsTheNextKillerJawsIsTheNextKiller Member Posts: 2,765

    When I don't know who the killer is, I look at anything other than the generator. Now I will have to look at the generator, making early game even more tense.

  • anarchy753anarchy753 Member Posts: 3,061

    Even looking pointedly away from the generator, most of the moving parts are still visibile on screen. If you don't see the gen basically double in size from torrents of spurting blood then I have worries for you beyond just playing a game.

    As for Freddy, I'm more concerned with the idea that in order to have any form of power in a chase, the survivor needs to be asleep, but that could take up to a full minute. On top of that fake pallets are crap already on Doctor.

  • KagrenacKagrenac Member Posts: 773

    Don't think of it as a free hit and think of it as a means of closing the gap so you can stop gen-rushing.

    Unless they make freddy a 110% speed (which they probably won't) you'll be fine. Don't think like a rank 20.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 6,889

    lets just wait and see how tis plays out in the actual game.

    we will probaply get a PTB soon with said Freddy changes and we will get a Survey where we can give our feedback. who knows, maybe this is really strong? maybe this allows for some mindgames we have never seen before?

  • TAGTAG Member Posts: 10,891

    To be fair, the blood does not seem to spew the entire duration of him charging his power. Going by the footage we saw, the generators don't start to cough up blood until about two seconds before he actually does the teleport.

  • snowflake102snowflake102 Member Posts: 2,151

    Then you should know not make threads since you haven't even tryed it yet:) so next time don't make a thread about stuff you haven't even tryed yet it's not even out yet I'm for one am excited for it:)

  • PolarBearPolarBear Member Posts: 1,899

    We don't know how the power works yet. Maybe the blood won't instantly start spilling like a fire hose and instead build up slowly. Also things can change. Nothing is set in stone yet. Wait for the ptb before you start shitting on the developers because I'm sure you can do that in a couple of months.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    Teleport with Pop Goes the Weasel and perhaps overcharge too will be op, you'll see

  • KingBKingB Member Posts: 747

    As long as its cancellable imagine the potential for mindgames. Survivors have to guess whether you really will teleport or if you're faking it. Guess wrong, and you get smacked or wasted quite a bit of time.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675

    Except you can already tell that charging this power will slow the Nightmare during and after the charge, so there won't be any mind games.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,790

    Don't know why you are complaining about an easy 3 gen strat every game.

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 387

    I support this 100%. Gen teleport is there to suppress the survivors, to apply max pressure. Not to catch survivors red-handed. The fact that you're thinking of teleporting or not is powerful enough. I do not disagree with this new rework, it actually makes freddy feel like he has control over the dream world! Like, maximum control!

  • adalesmoadalesmo Member Posts: 157

    So, what, you think Freddy should just get endless free generator grabs & free hits with it? That's pretty obviously not what it's intended for.

  • JetTheWaffleCatJetTheWaffleCat Member Posts: 284

    Ummm... Do you really want a killer that's basically a base kit Prayer Beads Spirit? The teleport is intended to get a survivor off of it and start chasing (or just channel it to scare them off). Not to get free grabs.

  • DocOctoberDocOctober Member Posts: 2,230

    And pretty obviously not what I'm asking for either, but I'm not surprised you jumped to that conclusion.

    Toning the penalties down would help.

    But personally, I'd prefer to keep Freddy as he currently is and give him some QoL changes.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    PGTW, Surveillance, Overcharge may work wonders. We don't know yet. Personally, while I'd love some true no-notification jumpscare potential, at least I appreciate he gets what most killers lack: gen pressure. More interested to see how dream effects turn out.

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