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Ghostface Problems (SO Far)

Yes, the PTB has only been out shortly, but there's a major problem I've noticed already ( I already knew it'd be a problem it sounds strong on paper, even worse in action)

The main problem I have with Ghost Face is the fact that a survivor can cancel your power by looking in the direction of ghostface for 1 second. The survivor does not need to be DIRECTLY looking at ghostface, the camera does. So with this in mind you can just spin your camera around, not actually know ghostface is there but stop his power anyway. Ghostface can be a really good killer but this 1 second completely stomps on ghostface. This needs to go.


  • Mashtyx1Mashtyx1 Member Posts: 188

    Devil's advocate here, what would be the counter to his power than other than pallets or windows you might not make it to in time?

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 2,010

    The main problem that Ghost Face has are people posting PTB feedback in the wrong subforum

  • Mashtyx1Mashtyx1 Member Posts: 188

    @Madjura GoT'Em!

  • MasonMyers69MasonMyers69 Member Posts: 246

    Making the timer longer would be better, 1 second is too quick and his power is always down.

  • Mashtyx1Mashtyx1 Member Posts: 188

    @MasonMyers69 But how long then?

  • MasonMyers69MasonMyers69 Member Posts: 246

    Long enough so a survivor can't slowly pan their camera around and completely ruin a ghostface, because that's what you can do right now, if you slowly pan your camera around he's doomed

  • Boaris030Boaris030 Member Posts: 130
    edited June 2019

    my ideas for this so far:

    1: reduce the distance to spot the ghost, or make it require more than 1 second of sight on him to pull him out of stealth

    2: remove the spotting thing and put his power on a timer- but make it last a long time. Attacking removes the stealth like normal, stalk to expose etc. while unstealthed stalk to recharge his ability (Recharge stalking would be very rapid and not slow him down as much as his exposing stalk

  • MasonMyers69MasonMyers69 Member Posts: 246

    Anything than what it is, it's pointless trying to play him when they can detect you so easily, I won't be buying him in this state.

  • InjurybleInjuryble Member Posts: 62

    acutally, last game there was a ghostface stalking me in a chase, i looked exaclty at him, even turned my character around so i face him directly, and that for several seconds, and still i got exposed. have to observe this for a longer period then 1 hour but still, when does the game know if i see him. does it even count when he is just at the corner of my screen?

  • Mc_HartyMc_Harty Member Posts: 3,294
    edited June 2019

    Ghost is actually garbage because of that stupid counter. It is so easy for survivors to break your stalk. It's stupid. It even works when they're downed and hooked.

  • MasonMyers69MasonMyers69 Member Posts: 246
    edited June 2019

    My proposed changes would be:

    • Hooked survivors shouldn't stop his power
    • Object of obsession should not stop his power
    • 1 second is too short, perhaps 1.5-1.8
    • Immunity to all detection perks, similar to Myer's tier 1
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