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Let's talk about Ghost-Face

SurikatoSurikato Member Posts: 70
edited June 2019 in General Discussions

With the PTB released, we get to see and play as Ghost-Face! Only the problem is his power, like seriously, he's counter-play is looking at him... So far, i already seeing an buff opportunity, if not, then the DLC is worthless, only to get the new perks for Myers build


-Remove the counter by looking at him

-Slightly increase the stalking rate by standing up, crouched and leaning

-Slightly increase the exposed time(From 20 seconds to 30 seconds)

-Slighly increase Ghost-Face's movement speed when applied the exposed effect on a survivor(Increase by 2%)

Balance idea

-When Ghost-Face exposed a survivor, Ghost-Face's terror Radius will come back immediately and he's power will be in the cooldown.


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