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Balance changes changes for Hag and Trapper.

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These are slight buffs, don't worry. Well Trappers idea is a big buff tbh. But the Hag one is slight one.

First let's start of with the less complicated one, Hag.

Flashlights DESTROY her. It made sense back on her release since you couldn't crouch past it, but now they are unnecessary. I don't think they should break her traps. Simple as. I think flashlights should only reveal the traps to everyone in a 16m radius.

Obviously, I got this from Tru3's video (although he could have placed the trap further from the hook so the flashlighter would walk into it, just saying).

But it's unfair now. Crouching should be the ONLY hard counter. She's one of the few killers who has 2 hard counters. Spirit has ONLY Iron will. Nurse has ONLY LoS. Billy has ONLY looping. Huntress has ONLY loops/better survivors.

The fact that Hag has two, is unnecessary. Obviously this change wouldn't change much with her either, it just keeps Hags from dodging flashlighters.

For Trapper, I think he should be able to go into a mode, where he sets his locations for traps in each map and in a real game, the traps are pre placed in the locations and all he has to do is just walk up to them, pick them up, and place them. This makes him save a lot of time.

You could even let him reset traps without picking them up.

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