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Problem with auras

White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,384
edited June 2019 in PTB 3.0.0 Bug Reports

I was playing the PTB using Bond and I noticed that looking at a survivor directly (without obstacles in between) I could see the aura of hairs and/or parts of the head, as if the rest of the survivor was an obstacle.

As you can see it's a problem of auras in general, not only Bond.


  • LucidAtrayLucidAtray Member Posts: 2

    This also happens to your own player if you're hooked and during a Mori animation.

  • OogieBoogieOogieBoogie Member Posts: 96

    I've only played one match (as killer) and noticed that I could sometimes see the silhouette of survivors' hair through walls if they were between me and a generator. Probably related.

  • TashaxeTashaxe Member Posts: 6

    I run Bond and noticed that the auras bugged as well. It's almost as if the hair is being picked up as a separate piece? I was walking next to a Bill and his whole head was yellow. The game was displaying yellow hair through heads for tons of other survivors as well. Also, the hair showed through my character's head as red while I was on the hook. Very bizarre.

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