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HateMeHateMe Member Posts: 30

Heya guys here's a vidéo for the Video contest which I've called "Survivors Motivation" cause idk you guys but this song and my gameplays motivated me to play the all day lol,

I've posted on my Youtube channel

But Before I just want to tell you that Every single moment in the video are mine, you can check or I got proof (I did not cut my steam name, it's written bellow)

By the way the song is an "NCS Song" which means "NoCopyright songs" and "Lucifer" it's me because my new Steam name's Lucifer.

Have a good video and please let me know what you think about my first Edit ^^


Thumbnail from: https://www.pinterest.fr/pin/558094578816528016/

but touched back a little bit by myself

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  • butilovepizzahutbutilovepizzahut Member Posts: 37

    Great video!

  • HateMeHateMe Member Posts: 30

    Thank you very much ^^

  • butilovepizzahutbutilovepizzahut Member Posts: 37

    wait i don't think u can use this video because in the rules it says

  • butilovepizzahutbutilovepizzahut Member Posts: 37

    hopefully u can use this video because its great!

  • HateMeHateMe Member Posts: 30
    edited June 2019

    Yeah but as it's written "Entrant must submit a video of their own making", I recorded this video myself, I was tryharding every games for get my scenes, and then, 3 Hours of works just for choose every scenes etc.. and as proof that it's my Own work, I let my steam name below, so they can check that all clips are made by me. and by "Clips of gameplay moments are not allowed" I think that's maybe gameplays moments from Other players on Youtube,

    Anyway thank you for informed me ;) I hope it'll work too cause I don't know what to do If i can't EDIT my own gameplays lol

  • butilovepizzahutbutilovepizzahut Member Posts: 37

    ik GL

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