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Ghost Face Perks: Needs Work As Well

OutlawRWOutlawRW Member Posts: 17

Seems like everyone is talking about how Ghost Face and Night Shroud are terrible, but I don't see many (if any) discussions or mentions about his perks.

They're all pretty terrible IMO.

I'm All Ears

Rushed actions outside of a chase/terror radius almost never happen. When they do, its usually a survivor who's made a complete brain dead mistake or someone abusing the sound effects to draw attention.

The power you get for such a rare trigger with the restrictions of your Terror Radius is not a proportionate exchange. Worse yet, it's not even competitive as a choice in regards to other perks. I'd argue that Spies From The Shadows has more utility with a more common trigger that makes it infinitely more useful -- regardless of a lack of presenting the Survivor's aura.

I've seen people say that it works well during a chase when you have Furtive Chase fully stacked... but again, now I'm sandbagging an entire other perk slot just to squeeze actual utility out of the perk. And I actually have to invest in the second perk throughout the match to finally get any use out of I'm All Ears. 1/2 my perk slots just to see a survivor's aura during a chase (when I should already have a fantastic idea of where they are) is a complete waste.

I'm All Ears is so weak, I honestly don't even know how anyone could fix it. You could give it an incredible buff and it still would be a mediocre perk. Some off the top of my head ideas;

  • Remove Terror Radius restriction
  • Make it also reduce the Killer's Terror Radius so it can compete with Monitor & Abuse
  • Make it reduce any noises the Killer makes normally
  • Apply the penalty to missed skill checks as well
  • Have it reveal the aura of all survivors quickly regardless of who performs the rushed action
  • Have it reveal the aura until they enter your terror radius
  • Let it double the length of other sources of aura reveals

I wouldn't expect all of these to be jammed into the perk; these are just some ideas of what could be added to it. But it needs A LOT more to it either way. As is, grabbing this perk is almost like disabling a perk slot.

Thrilling Tremors

I was actually excited for this perk when I heard about it. Gen obstruction sounds pretty powerful. And "revealing" what gens a survivor is working on sounds good on paper. In practice, the perk seems really weak though. I struggle to classify how powerful (or weak) this perk is because Discordance works well to stop multiple survivors on gens. And to an extent, this perk functions like a Discordance but with more caveats.

I still don't feel good about the perk. And I think it needs small buffs to compete for a perk slot -- but nothing as drastic as I'm All Ears.

  • Allow obstructed gens to be kicked. IDK if the perk is supposed to allow this, but I couldn't when I tried.
  • Remove the cooldown on the perk's activation
  • Have all obstructed gens regress for the duration of the obstruction.

I'd like to see all of these applied to the perk -- but I'm not sure if it would break some of the power budget in the game. I can see it getting a little crazy on 1-shot Killers if the Survivors are careless.

Furtive Chase

I hate this perk. It does have synergy with I'm All Ears, but synergy doesn't necessarily make it good. For the life of me, outside of I'm All Ears, I can't figure out why anyone would need a decrease to their Terror Radius while in a chase.

I'm partially going to chalk up my opinion of this perk to lack of being able to see how to get any utility out of it. If you know what makes it "good" please feel free to fill me in on the details.

Also; assuming it does have practical applications to it... why is it tied to Obsession/Obsession changing only to be dropped as soon as the obsession dies? Seems like a lot of juggling and a lot of work to maintain something that... doesn't help anything in the slightest.

I have some ideas of how to buff/change the perk, but they might not be applicable due to my lack of understanding of what makes it a viable perk to begin with.

  • Drop the "only while in a chase" restriction on the Terror Radius decrease
  • Uncap the token gain and give a bonus to the Killer if they "remove" their Terror Radius via the perk
  • Drop the loss of tokens when the Obsession dies
  • Let the perk delay the start of the chase music for the Survivor
  • Let the perk let the Terror Radius linger on the chased Survivor
  • Additionally let the perk remove the Red Stain while in a chase (though this may make Beast of Prey irrelevant)

Like I'm All Ears; I don't think the perk needs all of this. Just listing some thoughts. I'd say this perk needs almost as much work as I'm All Ears -- I just really don't know what to do with it. Hopefully more creative minds can chime in.


There isn't a single perk Ghost Face offers that I wouldn't rather have something else for. Or use the perk slots for some other, stronger synergy. Everything is just so weak and underwhelming. It all needs work. I know the devs have already stated the chapter will release on the 18th. But I'm not going to buy the Chapter in this state TBH. I'd rather them delay the release and fix things up a bit all around. What do you guys think?


  • OutlawRWOutlawRW Member Posts: 17

    Hopefully some changes can be made to the perks at all. It looks like Ghost Face needs a lot of work. I'd hate for the perks to be forgotten in all the dust being kicked up.

  • GorgonzolaGorgonzola Member Posts: 176
    edited June 2019

    What would be so amazing about I'm all ears even without TR requirement? There are scratchmarks and blood pools, you don't need auras, if you're higher than rank 15.

    I actually mentioned his perks being completely useless in my oberall review and I totally agree. His perks are just trash. Legion at least had discordance to unlock. But Ghostface? Not only his power is crap but so are his perks. Even if I somehow buy this killer I don't even want to unlock his teachables to reduce chances of them appearing in characters' I'm prestiging bloodweb.

    As you said the most stupid perk is I'm all ears. It's literally more useless than Monstrous Shrine. Thrilling tremors is just garbage version of BBQ and how many times I try to figure out how Furtive chase could be useful I can't think of anything.

    Those perks doesn't even fit in meme builds besides "the most useless perks" meme build and they outrun even Monstrous Shrine in this category. Literally, take all his perks and iron Maiden and, voila, you have the most crappy perks in the game gathered in one build.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    As I said earlier regarding thrilling tremors, the cooldown would be the deciding factor with the cutoff point being 45 seconds total (since you are unlikely to be finishing chases faster than that making it trigger very often).

    Right now it's 76 seconds total (since the cooldown starts after the 16 seconds). Thus if they reduced the cooldown by 20 seconds and made it start immediately then that perk would be worth getting.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    +1 Definitely some good points.

    I'm All Ears

    I'd just like the cooldown removed and for it to also affect failed skill checks. Still wouldn't make it meta at all but it would at least make it fit into a few types of builds.

    It's current state is just complete and utter garbage. No one does fast actions outside the killers TR unless they are just trying to be annoying.

    Thrilling Tremors

    Now this is the one I'm most excited for. It currently just isn't that good, but it has a lot of potential if it received the right buffs.

    Having no cooldown could be abused in a few different ways. I'd rather the effect just be improved to be worth that cooldown.

    Make it last 20 seconds and all blocked gens will regress just for the duration. Keep its cooldown. It has easy counter play as the survivors just stay on any gen they don't want blocked.

    Without a regress effect this perk isn't slowing down gens at all even though that was how the perk was advertised.

    Furtive Chase

    This perk looks good on paper but just doesn't pan out. It's almost just a worse M&A.

    Unlike M&A it has requirements to meet until it starts working, it doesn't increase FoV AND decreased TR in chase is "generally" worth much less than outside of chase.

    I think the perk should just have an added affect that when you leave a chase you will remain "in chase" for an extra like 5 seconds after breaking chase. This will add some extra mind game factor to the perk and at least give the killer a little time to try and capitalize on that in chase reduced TR .

  • Zucker_SchockZucker_Schock Member Posts: 521
    edited June 2019

    I agree, his perks need some work, currently they are all pretty useless. Most other killers have atleast one perk that is useable or good. They have to put some serious work into this PTB.

  • Tru3LemonTru3Lemon Member Posts: 1,358
    edited June 2019

    kinda like it but ill say this my own idea but youre idea its good dont get me wrong

    Im all hear:

    i will say that no cooldown the aura reading will be the same and the TR will be 10 or 12 m you will see the survivor now if youre very close to the survivor you wont see the aura

    thrilling tremor:

    the cooldown needs to be reduce maybe like 16s the perk activated it finish at 16s i think i dont know what % its on tier 3 but also you can see the aura of the survivor that are doing the gen those that left the gen will be seen by 5 or 6s

    furtive chase: i will change 1 thing and that when you start to having the first that the red stain will be reduce (going small and small until at max stack you dont have any stain while in chase)

  • OutlawRWOutlawRW Member Posts: 17


    No mention of Ghost Face perks being touched on in the Q&A. Seems like they have their hands full with the power complaints (which do need to be addressed). Still hoping that after the power tweaks, they have time to look at the perks to change them as well.

  • Zucker_SchockZucker_Schock Member Posts: 521

    Yeah just my words, they should atleast change some values of the perks, that really is no work at all, except deciding the values that are appropriate.

    Thats also one point i dont understand in their pipeline, why does it take them so long to change a perk for example ? If they implement a new condition or change how the perk works its clear that it takes time and also managing the company, but tweaking numbers could be lightning fast.

  • Bravo0413Bravo0413 Member Posts: 3,628

    So I'm all ears needs to do everything prettymuch in order to be viable xD..... heres the thing this DLC is geared towards stealthy killers you can see that... obviously I'm all ears isnt going to do much on Trapper or Billy (maybe Billy because his chainsaw sprint make use of a lot same with Spirit and Nurse) but a 32meter radius killer isn't really going to care for this perk... but if your Mikey, pig, GF you could make use of I'm all ears and theres not a whole lot of perks that really gear towards the "stealthy killers".... the same is said for Furtive chase and then thrilling tremors is that perk that can benefit every killer maybe.....

    yes some tweaks need to be made and that's why the PTB is a thing but I'm happy that they implemented some perks that are geared towards the lower TR killers pr would benefit those killers more then a normal 32meter TR killer...

  • OutlawRWOutlawRW Member Posts: 17

    Looks like Ghost Face is getting those much needed changes! Full PTB patch notes tomorrow; I wonder if any perk changes are in there somewhere too.

  • OutlawRWOutlawRW Member Posts: 17

    The I'm All Ears change seems odd to me. Its a little more powerful, but its utility is still pretty dreadful. I'm a little disappointed the other perks weren't improved :/

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