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Jane Romero cosplay by lilShari

Hi guys this is me trying to do a cosplay of Jane 'cause she is awesome :))

My steam nickname lilShari


  • ChrisalisChrisalis Member Posts: 2

    Nice cosplay! The clothes, the hairstyle and the makeup already looked good, but the blood took it to the next level. Also that close up on the face is just pure meme material😂 Nice one!💥

  • LordReyLordRey Member Posts: 1

    Wow a really nice cosplay with Jane! Love the hair and that serious face like the real one. Love this meme 🤣 The blood for me is good coz isn't too much like many cosplay that i saw. Love this one and pretty girl. Good job so far 😊😍

  • EndorphineEndorphine Member Posts: 6

    Wow! It's freaking awesome! And you're wonderful 😋🖤

  • JohnPi21JohnPi21 Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2019

    We got some P3 Jane top notch cosplay right here! Love the attention to details that is taking the whole look to new heights. That meme is the icing on the cake 😂. You did a pretty good job so far 😉

  • NivhyNivhy Member Posts: 1

    Very nice cosplay and meme :)

  • EfferinaEfferina Member Posts: 1
    edited June 2019

    very beautifull 😍

  • coyote_starrk91coyote_starrk91 Member Posts: 1

    sei bellissima!!!👻😍

  • ZioPecoraZioPecora Member Posts: 1

    Hahaha!! Fantastic cosplay! Hello lil <3

  • Vulkaz_owoVulkaz_owo Member Posts: 6

    Damn, that looks exactly like Jane. Your cosplay is amazing! And great job on the blood

  • DaviideDaviide Member Posts: 1

    Fantastic Cosplay,i love the clotes with the blood, also a very good meme

    Pretty Good job so far <3

  • NG_KuroiKenshi_NLNG_KuroiKenshi_NL Member Posts: 1

    Very nice cosplay! love the attention for details meme was cool also <3

  • BlackFlash89BlackFlash89 Member Posts: 1

    Nice. Very very beautifull ^_^😊❤️

  • Soul_SacrificeSoul_Sacrifice Member Posts: 1

    You are beautiful treasure, a 100% Jane

    Jane herself envies you, you stole her identity ^^

  • ProuDSoNProuDSoN Member Posts: 6

    Awesome! Incredible!!! Very Beatifull! <3

  • AleAleAleAle Member Posts: 1

    Amazing cosplay, I love Jane.😍😍😍 So beautiful, well done <3

  • OMagic_ManOOMagic_ManO Member Posts: 3,278

    If I was Jane I wouldn't be impressed with Ghostface either.

  • RooBRooB Member Posts: 1

    Nice, Very nice cosplay!😄


    Very nice and awesome cosplay! 😁

  • zeusone7zeusone7 Member Posts: 1


  • SardoGenSardoGen Member Posts: 1

    Very wonderful cosplay! Amazing! And the meme, so funny 🤣

  • yatoyato Member Posts: 33

    una Fotocopia :O (photocopy) Ottimo lavoro!

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