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Nurse Nerf

HavelmomDaS1HavelmomDaS1 Member Posts: 1,948

So, nurse will get some changes and its more than obvious that its going to be a nerf and not a buff.

Devs, I really hope for you to make the correct decission and Im willing to give u some hints what has to change and what shouldnt be touched at all.

Dont touch:

  • base power. Seriously, no changes for her. QoL is fine other than that NO. Just NO. Its going to be the biggest mistake of DbD's history

Please nerf/remove:

  • Multiple blink addons. I can only think about to completely remove them. I dont think any nerfs (longer fatigue) would change the "Bullshit-factor"
  • Green range Addon ONLY after you guys reworked the large maps and made them smaller. Not before this is done. After making maps smalller it would be overkill for sure so I would fine with nerfing it a bit

Please rework:

  • Nearly all other addons, especially the putple and and green addons. These are absolute trash and hardly used by anyone. The downsides are just to huge or the benefits way to small. Come with something else, something completely new which makes her M2 actually different and not scalling numbers left and right

Just my 2 cents of someone who plays both sides pretty equally and nurse really a lot.



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