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I Will leave this here on ideas to help Ghostface

HeHeBoiiHeHeBoii Member Posts: 472

I love the indicator idea. Drop additional thoughts on what you think can help.

I say remove his helicopter propeller flappy bits sound. You can be easily heard through walls which direction he coming from.

So much for stealth huh. :/


  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 711

    Very interesting ideas, I like the indicator idea as well, would be very helpful. Also, yes you should be able to stalk someone even if their body is barely sticking out from around a corner or object.

  • ZagridZagrid Member Posts: 564

    Yeah when they make the “stealth” killer debatably the loudest killer in the game.

    It really does validate the “what we’re they smoking” comments.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 1,972

    I've posted this on the PTB forums, but what I would like to see happen is when Ghostface activates his power, for 10 seconds survivors have their camera snapped in directly behind them and lock in place. Survivors would have to actually turn their bodies around to try and see Ghostface this way, but it only lasts a short time. Both survivors and Ghostface would have periods of strength and weakness this way. Timing when to use the ability would be crucial. Ghostface would not be able to cancel his stealth ability to prevent abuse and maybe the cooldown might need looked at. But I really think this would create an interesting and fair game play for both sides.

  • MongByeolBuddiesMongByeolBuddies Member Posts: 122
    edited June 7

    Great idea! Plus, these changes can be made quickly, which is needed as the chapter is going live in less than 2 weeks. Also, an increase to the exposed duration would be nice. 

    I just noticed that some comments on YouTube argued that if the stalk ability takes less time than the time to break The Ghost out of Night Shroud, then the concept doesn't work.

    Here's the simple fix: If the survivor is looking at The Ghost, he cannot gain stalk on the survivor. 

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