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Nurse NERF? Stupid Move!🤦

Of all the things going on in this game, you're bringing up nerfing nurse again!? DBD devs seriously, you're the most "out of sync with your community" devs I've ever seen! Let's take it from the top how incompetent you've been since I've arrived on the scene around the release of Myers, from my memory. Obviously I don't remember all the stupid things you've done!

Let's just start with Myers. Released and was fairly cool to play. Perks nerfed into the ground.

Wraith rework. We ASKED that you REMOVE slowdown on UNCLOAK. That's it. What did you do? Remove Bloodhound from when cloaked. Nobody asked for this! You give him an auto windstorm, which is cool, bit slowed him even more on UNCLOAK which negates the auto windstorm! Why!? Mostly 🥔 get caught lacking against Wraith. You did do a decent job reworking add on.

Freddy! The most bullshit cash grab cave I've ever seen. Release Freddy was a GOD to low ranks, but was constantly double depip against high ranks. What do you do? Nerf him after a week based on free to play players crying that had no understanding of anything in the game. Once players adapted, you're about rework him again, which will be a nerf!

Clown sucks and I hate him. He's only good for Bamboozle.

Pig... We all know what happened. She's trash and RNG screwed. Recently got nerfed.

Legion. We been over this. Nerfed into Atlantis.

Plague. Yet again didn't listen. Could've been upper mid, but nope... Nerfed and got nothing killers suggested in PTB.

After 3 years, you're about to release this trash ghostface. Seriously? Yet another non threat killer because you're SCARED to actually challenge the "victims" of your game. Ridiculous.

I've said all that to say this. Of all the crap, you're looking to nerf your only viable killers in the tiers where the best players reside. How stupid is that? I don't care what you guys say. Nurse is fine... Period. You refuse to accept a nurse with thousands of hours will simply beat you. She's seen so the tricks, loops, mind games, etc. You need to hide and stop trying to loop... Period. Survivors never cry when it's a baby nurse or a mid tier nurse that doesn't have that much experience. Why? Because they can bully and troll for YouTube.

I've said it once and I'll say it again. These devs are worse than EA, and that's saying something given EA has been rated worst company of the year several times. EA also has competition on Activision, etc so they do actually listen to their players, especially to the players of games like Battlefield. These devs on the otherhand have a monopoly. BHVR is going to end up in a situation like Fortnite vs PUBG. Another "fortnite" will come along and actually send this one to ruin because the devs were too scared and/or stupid to LISTEN TO IT'S PLAYERS... MAINLY THE TOP TIERS. Plus it's clear the actual devs are not good players by any sense of the game. At least the battlefield devs, I've played with and against for example, are damn good players!

Keep on doing dumb ######### and pissing off Killers. Keep on releasing garbage ass products and cash grabs. When some company rises up and snatches the rug from under you, it will be too late to try and do right then. Yes I said it and I don't care if I get banned.

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  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    I just like the way you said it not because of Legion lol.

    But yeah I stopped playing Legion after the nerf. I wanted to try Pig but they also nerfed her. So I just play Mikey.

  • KaoMinervaKaoMinerva Member Posts: 451

    I'm a Billy/Nurse main and I actually prestige Legion before any other killer. I liked Legion that much. Since the nerf, haven't touched him.

  • DoubleTapDoubleTap Member Posts: 218

    Calling it, Nurse base movement speed buffed to 220%

    Because /balance.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 938

    "Clearly killed Legion"

    Lol somebody used FMT way to often.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 7,114

    Holy its not that bad.

    Only thing thats bad are some of the add-ons because they just cant work properly/well

  • SkycererSkycerer Member Posts: 183

    Where is the official nurse nerf post?

    Sorry for my ignorance.

  • epicassassinepicassassin Member Posts: 77

    How are they nerfing the nurse?

  • mrnommrnom Member Posts: 2

    I think alot of people on here are sheep you follow the meta dont think for them selves any killer can be viable it depends on the player

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886

    All killers are reliant on their powers. If they didn't, they would just all be M1 Killers, and as killers like to say M1 killers are trash.

  • keenkokeenko Member Posts: 62


  • Star99erStar99er Member Posts: 1,265

    I don’t recall them saying they were nerfing her on the Q&A today.

  • KaoMinervaKaoMinerva Member Posts: 451

    And that's exactly what they did to plague too. Survivors complained she could get all the way close so they nerfed her.

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819

    Legion needed some changes but let's be real, they were bad at doing their job. I had much better success at hooking people with some mid tier killers at higher ranks. I played Legion because I loved how they look and some of their playstyle. I doubt it is even playable now at all. Unless you want to just run around and stab people without killing them.

  • HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814
    edited June 2019

    Well on the side, devs did a good job with pallets, ds, hatch and end game... but i cannot disagree with you. Realising ######### killers and overnerfing others is not the way to go. As much as i love Ghostface design (animations, lore, idea for power, his model) he is literally useless. Useless!

    Nerfing Nurse huh? God tier nurse mains will still kill with her while she will become even harder to get into.

    Edit: Nerfing Legion and buffing borrowed time. Jesus ######### Christ this is the reason i will never again buy dlc. Devs really don't understand their own game.

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