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Why did you disable the ability for us to edit the files to make the game run better?



  • ABannedCatABannedCat Member Posts: 953
    edited June 6

    I dont know, but I kinda wanna try those settings now. Can you teach me how to turn Dbd into Roblox?

  • CarpemortumCarpemortum Member Posts: 2,667

    Limiting the shadows or texture of foliage and clutter on screen making it easier to see a survivor. For one.

  • danielbird11danielbird11 Member Posts: 48

    Yes it does apart from the graphics card which is a Intel

  • AceonfireAceonfire Member Posts: 176
    edited June 7

    I said they can't control it. Not sure what you mean. Also, Never said it was restricted to the PC. My point was PC gamers typically are tinkers, (at least historically. I see that changing in the near future). Thus it makes NO sense to leave something as critical as brightness/gamma control out, knowing the vast multitude of hardware it'll be played on; imo.... beyond rational explanation.

    The only "explanation" I've heard (and honestly it's hearsay because there are many Dev posts/blogs/updates I've not read, and I've never read it myself), is for fairness. Visibility is crucial. If I play as killer, disable all image adjustments, brightness/gamma profiles, and reset monitor etc so it's all fully default, it's damn near impossible to see a great number of character/outfit combinations. Some are truly invisible when not moving against a good number of texture backdrops as well. I don't have the best eyesight, and if I had to play without any adjustments, I would have quit after an hour.

    However; After experimenting with my monitor's brightness and gamma options, as well as my Nvidia control panel options, when I was actively playing, I managed to compensate for things like

    1. The gigantic burning ball of Hydrogen roughly 93 mil. mi. away which produces annoying little bastards called photons that affect game play immensely upon even mild to moderate exposure.
    2. 120 hour work week and mah eyes r broke.
    3. Playing on my work PC during above said 120 hour work weeks, which has a monitor that has seen it's prime.
    4. Poor or bug ridden programming in the game itself. Mt Ormond for example.

    Fortunately It didnt take much and image quality only suffered a very small amount due to a washed out look on some maps.

    @ DEVS: You know how in some games, they provide the player with a set gamma image and slider with instructions on how to adjust? Did you ever notice the type of games that brought that into the mainstream of option menus? Horror maybe? Competitive FPS's maybe? I don't think it's even possible without having some maps washed out and losing some image quality. I account for the worst of them and just deal with some being washed out slightly (much much more on my work monitor). If the maps and characters were more of a consideration of having to adhere to a standard gamma adjustment, from the beginning, this would have been avoided..

    (and if you meant to make Claudette 100 percent invisible in so many lighting/areas and irl situations, then I hope a moose takes a gigantic dump on your front porch in the morning. j/k (sorta))

    You guys have so much work for some very early bad decisions imo. I do sincerely hope you sort it out. I do love the idea of the game and would be straight up lying if I didnt say I had a lot of fun. Unfortunately, once you get past a certain point of familiarity, the fun turns to frustration too often and the frustration leads to salt. Probably the reason the gaming communicty regards DBD as the most toxic of them all

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