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Thrilling Tremors

Why is there a cooldown? The Gens are blocked for 16 seconds which we all know is nothing. Also the requirement is picking up a Survivor meaning you need to win a chase which in itself is a huge requirement, the 60 second cooldown hurts this perk.

I know you're afraid that it can be spammed but listen to yourself, picking up a downed Survivor, if you can SPAM picking up a DOWNED survivor then the team isn't working on Gens because they're rushing the hook. The ONLY way this perk can be spammed is if the team is absolute garbage and loses in the process, they'll ALL be downed and then they lose who cares if they can't do a Gen, they're dead. The cooldown requirement is redundant and hurts the perk take it off please.

Everyone, please get in here and explain this because it should be obvious how damning this cooldown is, 60 COOLDOWN for 16 SECONDS of blocked Gens, LITTLE REWARD for maximum effort all because of this cooldown.

Hey I hit someone and picked em up, blocked Gens yay. 16 seconds later you get into a chase and then known them down OH NO it hasn't been a minute it's been 30 seconds. That's 30 seconds of Gen repairs but nah man you need to wait 30 more seconds to block the Gens NO ONE IS WORKING ON for 16 seconds. Are you going to pick him up? You gonna wait? Should have brought BBQ & Chili because you thought this perk was going to be useful lol


  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @Blueberry Thank you, I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought this.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @Blueberry It could be a good perk, if 1 Gen isn't blocked you can go over there and screw them over, maybe expose them if you're lucky. But by the time you get there the Gens are ok now and then even if you down someone you need to wait 40 more seconds to block more Gens.

    This would be a good perk with Billy or any Killer who's fast but is crippled with the cooldown.

  • TWiXTTWiXT Member Posts: 1,695

    Cooldown should be 20 seconds, if any since it doesn't hinder survivors currently working on gens, lasts for a very short time, and is mostly just used to gain information on which gens are being worked on pre-hooking. It doesn't slow the game down for survivors at all.

  • Cpt_VunderbarCpt_Vunderbar Unconfirmed, Member Posts: 53
    edited June 2019

    I actually like this.

    I think no cooldown might be a bit much, but maybe just make like a 10-12 second cooldown so you can't just spam it. (You'd have to wait 10-12 seconds before you could block gens via picking up a survivor again. Gives it a window of counterplay but is still extremely powerful). Make gens blocked for 20 seconds, and regress all blocked gens for the duration. THIS would be a fantastic perk that actually slows down the game, and punishes survivors for getting caught. Something Killers desperately need.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    That sounds fair.

    Making them all start regressing may sound too strong to the devs, but they have to remember it's only doing it to the gens the survivors AREN'T pounding down. So that regress is generally only landing on gens that have small amounts of progress or none at all. This also has counter play as the survivors just get on the gens they don't want blocked when they see someone going down.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @Blueberry Yeah it sounds good if it went this way, a 10-12 cool down is nothing and if it was possible to spam it still wouldn't be possible but it's fair. I hope they do this version but they probably won't, even if they keep the 16 seconds all it really needs is that low cooldown to be not #########.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    If they just release the perk in its current state I can't see anyone running it.

  • DeadeyeDeadeye Member Posts: 3,303

    @SurpriseSurprise If this is a problem on dev side, it could be just a cooldown slightly longer or same length like the blocking. And regarding the failed camp-rescue... The more often appearing situation would be the failed insta unhook try. And I don't see a reason why this shouldn't be punished. Happens often enough. The counter to camping should simply be "do the gens instead, you got some time now to finish". If a killer is camping, he wastes the effect of Thrilling tremors. Actually this perk should lead to less camping. At least I hope so.

    And I also think 16 seconds is nothing. You have to check the gens while carring. Regarding the time you need to wiggle free and the time for the hook animation, it might be common that the auras return to normal until you finally hooked someone. Of course it should not be too difficult to check that during carry, but feels a bit strange anyway.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,297

    Honestly I get why it needs a cooldown as there are a few ways this could be abused.

    That said, if it's going to have a cooldown then its effect needs to be improved. Maybe make it like 20 seconds and all those gens start to regress as if they were kicked.

    That seems fine since it is only affecting the gens they aren't even working on anyway and its counter is quite easy, just stay on the gen you don't want blocked.

  • ThyasianThyasian Member Posts: 37

    This perk is a dangerous one to have in the game. When improperly balanced you could potentially infinitely lock the majority of gens in the game so the dev team has to be careful. This perk will also not slow the game down as much as be a tracking perk. A bit of slowdown and very nice tracking. It punishes the survivors when they are not on gens, and gives the killer information when they are. That being said, the idea of no cooldown is absurd. This means a killer could down -> pickup -> drop -> pickup, and if survivors all get off gens, all gens are now locked. This would present huge problems in game. Of course, locking the gens too long with a short cooldown would also present huge problems. I think the perk activation should change in a larger way, and the cooldown should be shortened. Here is a much more balanced, in my opinion, way for this perk to be:

    After hooking a survivor, the entity blocks all gens not being worked on by survivors for 15 seconds. All gens blocked in this way are highlighted in white until the entity releases them. Thrilling Tremors has a cooldown of 45/40/35 seconds after hooking a survivor.

    By doing this, at the highest tier of the perk, there is a 20 second window after the generators are unblocked to down and hook someone. This way, in the early game, it is great for tracking and rewards the killer for winning the chase and the survivors do not get punished as hard, but the perk can still be activated with quick chases. 15 seconds after a hook also allows the killer to traverse the larger maps during early game to utilize the tracking properly and find a survivor. The cooldown may seem a bit long on the perk, however, this makes it so the last gen or so does not become overly gruesome for the survivors. Also by doing this, because the block is for 15 seconds, the killer now has time to traverse the large map in the case that the survivors split the gens on a map properly. (Avoiding a 3 gen)

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @Thyasian Before I respond to your version I'd like to say that I don't think if the perk had no cooldown you could drop and pick up a Survivor repeatedly and keep locking Gens. The timer doesn't stack but it can reset but I believe 16 seconds is all it takes to heal up from being downed so with 2 pick ups that person is running again and the Killer is wasting their time, making the perk useless.

    With that out of the way I will say I love your version of the perk, it requires a hook which it should be. With the hook starting the timer it means you have more time to look at the info given to you and act on it. A 30 second cooldown is fine because within 30 seconds you might find another Survivor and then down them shortly afterwards, the cooldown is still there but it isn't overbearing.

  • GorgonzolaGorgonzola Member Posts: 176
    edited June 2019

    BBQ is better than this in every aspect. The only scenario it could work is if you're playing Nurse/Billy and people hide in lockers to counter BBQ leaving a gen they were doing. Not worth a perk slot.

    All his perks don't even fit in meme builds beside "the worst build ever" meme build along with Monstrous Shrine and Hangman's trick.

  • Zucker_SchockZucker_Schock Member Posts: 521
    edited June 2019

    I think a 20 seconds cooldown with 18 seconds of effect on survivor pickup with the effected gens regressing for the duration would be a balanced and good version.

    But it has to account for regression that has been applied to gens before Thrilling Tremors was activated, so that the regression the killer did with kicking a gen still goes on after Thrilling Tremors wears off.

  • MochanMochan Member Posts: 2,886
    edited June 2019

    The problem with Thrilling Tremors is that it isn't actually a delaying perk. It's a detection perk. And one that combos well with BBQ. Now survivors can't drop their gen to hide in a locker or come close to the killer.

    They are forced to stay on the gen or it gets locked. In other words, Survivors will now opt to keep working on gens every time rather than hide.

    Just another example of BHVR pushing this game towards a run and gun genrush meta rather than allowing for other styles of play like stealth. I don't know what incompetence drives them to have the exact opposite of result of what htey intend, but that's what happens.

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    I think a lot of people posting feedback in this thread aren't really seeing the big picture. The condition for activating the perk is picking up a survivor. Not putting a survivor on a hook. There has to be a reasonable cooldown on this perk. I'm fine with the idea of leaving this particular perk alone until it has had a reasonable period of time with the masses trying to break it.

  • bgbombbgbomb Member Posts: 434

    I think it should be shorter than now but it need a cool down .

    Otherwise it would be too good for killer who struggle I guesses.

    Just pick up them and throw them down,do your stuff until the gen open again then pick up them again.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @Dreamnomad I completely agree, the condition needs to be that hook not the grab, the grab is cool but the hook is necessary. We waste time picking them up and putting them on the hook and we won't always be able to capitalize on that 16 seconds when we have to take them to a hook quite far away.

    To fix this it needs to be that hook, I will also say I think the cooldown should be lowered to 30 seconds. This means you can get into a chase and then use it, 60 seconds is too long you can get into a chase but will probably need to wait until the next chase to use the perk and that's not efficient.

    Also it's Gens NOT BEING WORKED ON, stop being afraid of this perk. If no one is working on Gens and the Gens are constantly being blocked then then that's the TEAM'S FAULT. they are so bad at the game they aren't even playing the game. Don't use Survivor incompetence as an excuse to water down Killer abilities.

  • Zucker_SchockZucker_Schock Member Posts: 521

    To make it an actual delaying perk instead of a detection perk they could

    just keep the perk values as they are right now BUT make it so that every gen is blocked, not only gens that arent worked on.

    Maybe that even was their idea in the first place, would explain the cooldown and 16 sec of use.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626

    So, what are survivors supposed to do when you hook someone? With B&C and this perk you'll always know where we are. Now is impossible to avoid the killer, all we can do can be seen with a perk (and if we don't do anything, too), so this game will be a loop simulator.

  • DinouniverseDinouniverse Member Posts: 16

    I'd say it's more of an awareness perk than anything. If people don't want to be sounds they have to get off the gym, if they're off the gym the game is delayed. If they're on the Jen the killer can run straight to them. It's an awareness perk, that has game slowing properties. What's that, it didn't help you find them, well at least they can't do anything for 15 seconds.

  • RoKruegerRoKrueger Member Posts: 1,371

    I think blocking gens is not the main feature but getting info of which gens are being worked on. I plan on getting that perk for new Freddy :-)

  • GhostFaceHimselfGhostFaceHimself Member Posts: 2

    Ah, #########, here we go again.

    Let's start out with this simple statement: Ghost Face is one of the best Killers in the game.

    You must be thinking now, "oh, you're a ######### idiot. Ghost Face is the worst Killer, all his perks suck. Why can Night Shroud be disabled in less than a second. 100-60 second cooldown on -"

    No. Just no.

    Ghost Face is most effective when you play him wrong. Yes, you read that right. There's a way you're supposed to play him. That's being a little sneaky spooky narcissist. Now read this carefully: Do the exact opposite.

    If my username didn't make it obvious, I now main Ghost Face. For the first few minutes, you're going to want to scope the survivors out. Learn who you're working with. If you can, mark them and down them. Ghost Face's perk set intends you to use stealth to your advantage by crouching all the time. But, again, don't do that after the first few minutes. You WANT to be seen. being spotted lets you know exactly where the survivors are. That's a good thing.

    Now that we have that out of the way, let's get back to Thrilling Tremors.

    "Oh, 16 seconds is way too short for such a long cooldown!"

    No, it isn't. Everyone seems to think that this is to stop Survivors from fixing generators. You're right, it is. But that's not the good way to do it. You'll want to pick the dying survivor up, take a VERY quick look and spin around. You want to find the generator with the red aura. Once you do, quickly hook the survivor and haul your Killer-maining ass over there. If you want to, turn on Night Shroud beforehand. This is one of the few times stealth is useful. Assuming they're still working on it, you can go and pick them up, or stab them, whatever. If not? Whatever, don't worry about it for now.

    Now let's talk about Furtive Chase. Now, I'll be the first to admit this perk isn't the best in the game, but I still find it useful. What you want to do is go for the Obsession before anyone else. Make sure the Obsession rotates frequently. Once you have all your tokens, you're set. Just don't kill whoever becomes the Obsession in the end. Make sure they die last. Furtive Chase and I'm All Ears loop together perfectly. In chases, survivors will naturally be running and using rushed vaults. I'm All ears will mark them for 6 seconds. "Oh that's also too short, that's use-..." Shut the ######### up and let me talk.

    I'm All Ears marks them for 6 seconds. Assuming you scoped them out right, you can use this and your big brain to figure out where they're going. Keep your distance. Furtive Chase will make your Terror Radius shorter. Once you're about 20-30 meters away, turn on Night Shroud. Loop around any obstacles, and come out in front of them. Scare the everloving ######### out of them with this, take them down, you'll probably have Thrilling Tremors again by now, so just start the loop all over again.

    Ghost Face is OP as all hell, you just have to use your brain.

    Now let's talk about flashlight dancers. People (also known as Meg, David, Jane, and Laurie mains) constantly bring the ######### flashlights, and make you get into a chase with them, then drop a ######### pallet on you, then crouchspam on the other ######### side until you break the pallet, at which time they will shine the ######### flashlight into your ######### eyes and try to get away. Trust me, these people have double digit IQs. They think you're blinded so they can get away. But no. Use your ######### ears. You can hear their footsteps and/or groans of pain. So just follow those. Keep your headphones pressed to your ears if you have to, I don't care, just murder them.

    Alright, you're probably thinking about how much of a dick I'm being, and you're right, I kind of am, but that's not the point here, is it now? I've done my best to educate you on using his perks and dealing with flashlight dancers. But, well, we have an extra perk slot, right?

    What I find best to use with this set are either Iron Grasp (ties with Thrilling Tremors), Overcharge (also ties with Thrilling Tremors, sort of), Beast of Prey (ties with Night Shroud and I'm All ears lesson), Make Your Choice (good in general), Pop Goes the Weasel (also ties with Thrilling Tremors), and Deerstalker (sometimes you have to kill two survivors at once, and one tries to crawl away.)

    Alright, now, using all of this knowledge, you SHOULD be able to be at least 54.7% better as Ghost Face. A really good Ghost Face is able to strike fear into the hearts of survivors. It's like Monitor and Abuse, except Monitor and Abuse isn't good for Ghost Face. Scaring the ######### out of the Survivors is a good way to make sure they don't get ######### done. Using the I'm All ears-Furtive Chase method is really good, and also scaring people in lockers. When you walk up to them, just stand for about a second. Shake your head a few times before opening the locker. This gives the impression that you know how they think, you're better than them, and they're not going to last 7 more minutes against you.

    I'm going to repeat myself here, Ghost Face is OP as long as you know how to use your brain and study your opposition.

    Alright? Alright. Thank you for coming to my JedTalk.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,298

    @ghostfacehimself I really wish I could take down old threads because I'm too forgetful to add into the description ''I changed my mind''.

    I've gotten really ######### good with GF, my time as Pig has helped me get to this point, got my P3 and taking selfies of every Mori <3

    Lately I've been using Corrupt Intervention with Thrilling Tremors and most of the time I can catch someone early enough to block all the Gens at the start of the match. Several times I have been able to completely block all the Gens with the pressure I can make and it feels amazing. When a team is really ######### I pick up the Survivor and just drop them so I can sneak over to the Gen being worked on and that screws them over even more because they don't expect it for some reason.

    I eventually learned everything you said in your post, I'm a natural at being a sneaky Killer and it all just came easy, especially once I finally figured out how to ######### lean lol

    My only real criticism or perhaps question is your tactic with Furtive and I'm All Ears. You say that once you get all the stacks you can use them to get the drop on someone but you drop back several meters and use Nightshroud anyway which completely hides your TR making the usage of Furtive completely void. With this play you can drop back a little ways without the perk and get the same outcome with just Nightshroud which I've done several times and it is so satisfying to ######### slap people around corners. Also just a comment about your locker scenario lol I caught a ######### Dwight in a locker twice in one match with Nightshroud, it was beautiful. The poor bastard had no chance to actually face me so I gave him a final chance to actually show if he had moves at the end of the match and sadly he did not lol

  • GhostFaceHimselfGhostFaceHimself Member Posts: 2

    Yes, yes, you're right. Sort of.

    Furtive Chase decreases your terror radius up to 32 meters (base for Ghost Face.) This, however, does not disable the red stain, unlike Night Shroud. I guess I should've mentioned this before (so, for anyone in the future reading this thread, that's also a thing) but didn't really think of it.

    The tactic I passive-aggressively suggested utilizes both Night Shroud and Furtive Chase, by way of not letting them know where you are, so that you can go around obstacles, activate Night Shroud, then come out in front without them knowing.

    Something else I should mention is that Furtive Chase works equally as well for this tactic at 3 Tokens as it does at 4 Tokens, so it's really just a preference thing.

    Happy sacrificing

    -Jed Olsen

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