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Glamor Queen Jane - FeelsVeryBadMan

So I decided to give this a try, I know that it is very low quality, and that is probably because of the fact that i'm not a very good artist and / or a clothing designer, but I wanted to give it a shot.

This look is inspired mainly by drag queens. I also think that this would fit Jane quite well.

Head (Mount Wig-erest) - ,,That is a lot of hair, honey. Are you sure you want to host a show like this?"

Top (Floral Realness) - ,,A floral top with fun and glamorous accessories. Will definitely keep all the eyes on you."

Bottom (Floral Skirt with a Scarf) - ,,This skirt will most definitely help you look amazing when you're strutting down the runway in those heels."

Outfit (Glamor Queen) - ,,A dark floral dress with fierce jewellery. Perfect for blinding your audience with your stunning glamor."

Try your best to imagine how it would look IRL. Like I said I'm not a good artist, but I wanted to give my idea for a cosmetic.


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