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Xbox: "An error has occurred and the game was unable to save your profile. Please Restart your game"



  • DownbeatDownbeat Member Posts: 1

    I can’t sign in to my profile because it can’t save my profile

  • MrTang0DownMrTang0Down Member Posts: 39

    @MandyTalk Any updates as of yet? :)

  • CashOut_TSBCashOut_TSB Member Posts: 1

    It’s sad because I’m having the same problem over here on my Xbox and it’s weird that this is happening because they already reset my profile once with my lvl 50 killer and survivor and I’m not grinding again for it unless it’s a new killer/ survivor. I just hope they can fix this without people’s accounts getting reset

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431
    edited June 2019

    So I got a response back from my ticket and they said they’re working on a fix for it.

    if somehow our accounts get reset we better get refunded for the actual money we spent on this game :/

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  • Feweasygames4uFeweasygames4u Member Posts: 23

    Still can't get in. Will let me sign in as a guest, but everything is at level 20. Talked to Microsoft support and nothing but try talking to the game people sounds like a game issue. So nobody has any answers.

    xbox one error code 302

  • chineseporkbunchineseporkbun Member Posts: 22

    Almost 5 days and no information.

    Not even a "were aware some users are having problems and we are working hard to try resolve this issue".

    I actually got a non automated response when I initially submitted an automated ticket ,but nothing on that either.

    Sucks.One of the few games I enjoy online and every dlc pack or customization pack I bought I can't use on my guest account.

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

    That’s why I’m mostly upset too. It’s kind of a big deal since it’s a huge portion of players, and we spent REAL money, and they haven’t sent out a tweet or anything. A lot of would love to be assured that a lot of people are working to fix this on going issue.

  • MrTang0DownMrTang0Down Member Posts: 39

    I really hope this is resolved before 2X BP.

  • MrTang0DownMrTang0Down Member Posts: 39

    DS was in the shrine this week too, i really hope we dont miss it damn this issue is annoying :(

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

    Can anyone go to their manage game and options and see if they have saved data there still?

  • MrTang0DownMrTang0Down Member Posts: 39

    Its all saved via the cloud, there is no saved data on DBD Xbox like other games

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

    Thank god you told me this I was scared it was gone and that was the issue.

    also I tried to contact Microsoft and they were no help so it’s defintely an issue with DBD

  • Eshawv98Eshawv98 Member Posts: 8

    My DBD is working now but I lost everything. Meaning blood points and level. Please fix it

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431

    @MandyTalk any update yet? It’s been about 3 days... and a lot of us are still having this issue. We don’t want to miss the double blood point event because that wouldn’t be fair to us.

  • ashtonisfaroutashtonisfarout Member Posts: 10
    edited June 2019

    I am now experiencing this as well. Yesterday it was initialization failure, and today its error code 302. It keeps trying to load the news feed after initialization. Almost as if that is where the error is coming from. Anyone else experiencing this? Any further news on a fix?

  • chineseporkbunchineseporkbun Member Posts: 22

    It can't be the news page as this game still works under 'guest account'. It's almost like the previous game we all played failed to save.

    But to actually know requires more information which is scarce.

  • MandyTalkMandyTalk Mod, Co-ordinator Posts: 12,653

    I'm aware that a fix is being tested internally, and it's been confirmed that there will be no loss of your save files. I do not have a date of when the fix will go live however, as soon as I do - I will update this thread.

  • chineseporkbunchineseporkbun Member Posts: 22

    Cheers mandy.

  • BelZInOBelZInO Member Posts: 5

    Having the same issue here on Xbox for the 3rd day... I hope this will be fix soon without any loose of progress, I have Moreau then 2000h on the game :’(

  • Eshawv98Eshawv98 Member Posts: 8

    like I said mines working now but I loss everything will I get it back level and blood points

  • KRJIBigbazKRJIBigbaz Member Posts: 17

    Any news on a fix as I have the same issue

  • Eshawv98Eshawv98 Member Posts: 8
    edited June 2019

    They said when I summit a ticket again that are are aware of the error error 302 and trying to fix it now but I summit a ticket for level and blood points and the status they put solved but I don’t have my level back

  • ItsonlyabunnyItsonlyabunny Member Posts: 2

    This is crazy, I haven't been able to get on since last Sunday, no update on the ticket or anything. I kept leaving this game going to others and now that I've finally decided to play it daily, this happens. 2x BP coming up soon. If it's not fixed, I'm gonna be done. Money wasted on DLCs and everything.

  • PiojunoPiojuno Member Posts: 17

    Same error here. Out of nowhere. I submitted a ticket and the response was they were still working on it. I hope it gets fixed soon:(

  • MrTang0DownMrTang0Down Member Posts: 39

    2X BP isn't until the 14th. If this issue hasn't been resolved by the 12th then we can start worrying about missing 2X. Not to mention i needed a perk in the Shrine this week, looks like I wont be getting it

  • jazza1975jazza1975 Member Posts: 10

    Anyone had any word on this issue yet??? My ticket has the closed/solved banner on it when it obviously hasnt been yet. Cant even see anything else about on Twitter or anywhere else for updates on this.

  • xGREENCATxxGREENCATx Member Posts: 431
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