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Does anyone actually use brown add ons on killers? Like ever.



  • MegMain98MegMain98 Member Posts: 1,536

    @Poweas Some killers just don’t need anything except their brown add-ons and Spirit is one of them. The only time she needs purple add-ons is if it is a good SWF team and the map is huge like Red Forest or Rotten Fields. It’s just too easy to equip purple add-ons and 4K ESPECIALLY using Prayer Beads.

    If I happen to lose with Spirit using brown add-ons, it is nice to equip the Saya and Amulet and know that I can always kill everybody if I REALLY wanted to. Sometimes I play a little too nice.

    I can also consistently get at least 2-3 kills with Plague using no add-ons. I’m currently at Rank 4. She’s not a hard killer to play, she’s just very vulnerable to being gen rushed as she has very little map pressure. With Corrupt Purge she easily has one of the best snowball effects in the game.

  • Mister_xDMister_xD Member Posts: 3,261


    • Trapper Sack
    • Trapper Gloves


    • "The Ghost" - Soot


    • Spark Plug
    • Vegetable Oil


    • Berus Toxin
    • Bandaged Haft


    • Moldy Electrode


    • Wool Shirt
    • Sheep Block


    • Origame Crane
    • Gifted Bamboo Comb

    these are the ones i use sometimes.

    obviously there are better ones, but since i dont want to keep spending BP on already maxed out Killers, i usually eigther run no Add Ons or brown Add Ons.

  • HatCreatureHatCreature Member Posts: 3,007

    I use them a lot, I'm a hoarder so if I have 5 of something good I start using something worse until I get more of the other add-ons.

  • ExerlinExerlin Member Posts: 344

    I really hate using add-ons since I like to prestige 3 my mains and get all the perks on them. Going through a bloodweb without getting a perk seems like a huge waste of BP, so I almost always go add-onless or with common/uncommon add-ons.

  • AntiPlague12898AntiPlague12898 Member Posts: 49

    If i'm out of tuning guides and or primer bulbs and or grease... I'll use spark plug.

  • PoweasPoweas Member Posts: 4,593

    @MegMain98 Plague has never needed addons tbh. She's not reliant. Neither is Legion tbh. They're mid tier killers who need no addons.

  • RasinbranRasinbran Member Posts: 76

    If I plan on playing for awhile I do either 2 yellows or one yellow and a brown

  • GrandkuramaGrandkurama Member Posts: 222

    Only if they are strong (no tr on wraith for 6 seconds after uncloacking maybe) or if i have no other addons

  • DudeDeliciousDudeDelicious Member Posts: 4,182

    If i’m simply BP farming (Distressing, BBQ, ToTH, BoP) then i’ll just use brown add-ons.

  • TheRockstarKnightTheRockstarKnight Member Posts: 384

    I do.

    Before prestiging I've tried to use every add-on I have on my Killer and brown add-ons are usually my go to if I face a SWF.

  • MrDardonMrDardon Member Posts: 609

    I use the yellow Hindered addon and the brown Exhaustion Addon on Huntress and it's a good combo

  • limierrlimierr Member Posts: 117

    I usually don't play with addons except on legion.

    For brown addons, i used to play mostly with them on doctor.

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 2,413

    I use Boyfriend's Memo for Myers and the speed add ons for Pig so I swing and crouch faster.

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