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This might help

Could the Devs make it to where the Mori doesn’t show up on the start up so the survivors don’t know the killer has a Mori? I think that would help the killers out a lot with the disco’s.


  • pungent_stenchpungent_stench Member Posts: 131

    they can only speculate. they never actually know. besides. building the game to accomodate the sensitivities of the rabble would produce far from favorable results.

  • FireHazardFireHazard Member, Trusted Posts: 7,251

    That wouldn't do anything for the DCs, people DC if you so much as breath on them the wrong way.

    Its a common place thing now because playing a match you're not winning in is "too hard" and its "faster" to bail on it for a "better match" which I lol at.

    Its just an excuse for kiddies to quit games faster because they want a GG EZ match, like its getting old and people DC over anything now.

    The point is though, no this wouldn't be a good thing since Survivors will just get paranoid if they're about to be mori'ed or not. It would cause a uproar.

  • JudithJudith Member Posts: 819
    edited June 2019

    Speculate? You do know that there are only two hidden offerings for killer and using the other one helps the survivors?

    Of course it is a mori if it is a "secret".

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    The offering screen should be removed entirely. Survivors dc because of secret offerings (=moris) all the time. Some people also dc for other "reasons" like a map they don't like.

    No offerings shown = no "reason" to dc anymore

  • NoShinyPonyNoShinyPony Member Posts: 4,570

    @Judith I was talking in this specific context, so "no reason to dc anymore during the loading screen".

  • fluffybunnyfluffybunny Member Posts: 2,161

    It'd be better if they added more secret offerings. Anything that doesn't affect a person should be secret imo.

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