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Legion's power has so many drawbacks...good thing their power is OP

Oh ,wait.

It isn't.

Can someone explain to me why Legion's power has 7 drawbacks while Feral Frenzy is a drawback itself?

-cannot see scratch marks

-cannot see pools of blood

- cannot down survivor with it.

-get stunned for 4 fricking seconds when the power ends

-the power ends if you fricking miss ( horrible optimization says hello)

-cannot use the power unless the gauge is full

-the gauge deplets BY HALF if you attack normally.

And all of this for what? Cause you can move slightly faster? Cause you can apply the "super powerful" deep wound status effect?

Legion's description in the menu makes me laugh everytime.

"Attacks made during their frenzy inflict lingering internal damage downing survivors that ARE NOT FAST ENOUGH TO REACT"

oh,you talking about the deep wound timer? Oh,yeah, that same timer which doesn't go down inside the terror radius? That same timer which doesn't go down while mending? WoW,you sure need to react "fast enough" ,am I right?

You possibly can't play Legion "the way they are intended to be played" against good survivors,you can't.


Legion objectively has too many drawbacks,the end.


  • Boosted_DwightBoosted_Dwight Member, Trusted Posts: 3,041

    Don't forget the slow vault speed and movement speed. I want them to go fast not go into slow motion when he vaults a pallet.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,732

    @NMCKE I believe Mathieu Cote, or, The Developer, used that term when describing Survivor cosmetics.

  • RiddickRiddick Member Posts: 121

    I don't get the sense of all these drawbacks, especially the 4 seconds stun. It is better to get stunned by a pallet xD Also put enduring on it and bam! xD

    Down survivors who don't have deep wounds and are injured would be nice. Also better speed on vaulting so you can't be looped forever. There is room for so many fixes and yet Legion has more drawbacks than features. Can't understand balancing logic.

  • Andreyu44Andreyu44 Member Posts: 1,528

    YES! I love when I get stunned by a Pallet,its so much better,but this shouldn't happen,3 seconds stun was fine,heck Billy has a 1 SECOND stun while he has a chainsaw which can insta down survs.

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,732

    @NMCKE Yes. Forgot which stream though.

  • VetratheneVetrathene Member Posts: 1,251

    Yeah, Legion got hit way harder then they needed to be. I get there was problems with Legion, but only a few things needed to be fixed. Instead thier power is useless, the speed boost isn't enough to catch survivors on loops or windows, you can't down anyone while in frenzy, the fact that getting hit with a pallet is preferable then to actually being stunned by your power is ridiculous, AND the fact you can't use the power until its full while hitting survivors with basic attacks makes the ability go back down is just so dumb. Its a dark time for killers right now.

  • KaoMinervaKaoMinerva Member Posts: 451

    They sent me a warning today for "criticisms of the devs & not respecting their work."


    Yeah... Ok brah

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 21,675
  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,487

    They should be happy about critism. I mean they surley like to have one day more players and also that this game goes on for a few years, or not?

    That is imo not possible without critism. Also everybody who is still criticizing this game, shows that he had still interest in this game and is with that a potential customer.

    Besides, they shouldn't be surprised that not everybody was happy with the Legion patch.

    You just need to think about it for a secound and you see why some people could possible be upset about the patch.

    I can only headshake about that.

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    As much as I agree with this, it is alot more fun for everyone right now. Save the best for last is his best perk. They put him in a place where he could be changed if it was necessary. I am okay with that. I have been rekt by good legions and I have rekt new legions. The good ones were using his best addons however. Hes hard and hes far from viable but hes as fun as we can get him right now. It was bad design.

    True talent plays legion alot... if you wanna check that out.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,487
    edited June 2019

    For many Legions is the qustion if he is viable secoundary. For me as example is the question more important if I can have fun with him, or not.

    And I can't. I play multiplayer games long enough, to be not intersted anymore into be the best one. Besides then, I would go back to Starcraft: Broodwar or Starcraft 2 now I guess.

    I just like to log in dbd, play a half hour, or maybe sometimes 2 and have fun.

    And I don't have fun, when I see how slowly the Legion vaults, or I get stunned after a missing hit, or a survivor runs faster as I while I as killer have still to struggle with all the drawbacks, they have patch in the game for the Legion.

    I don't know get it at which point the devs have thought that this could make fun for Legion players, but I stop playing until they rework the Legion with also Legion players in mind and not only some toxic streamers that anyways are not good for dbd, because of their behavior.

    Edit: With that I don't wanna say that this "True" is toxic. If I am honest, I don't know him, but I have heard from other Streamers that fall into this category.

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    Thats a flaw in game balance, not him. There are only 3 viable killers. I want more too

  • SpitfireOrMichinaSpitfireOrMichina Member Posts: 209
    edited June 2019

    I can say that, the old Legion was probably the worst annoying killer in the game.Sadly the players was abusing of exploit (moonwalking) and everything. I didn't liked him because of this, the Legion was really annoying to play against but seriously, he didn't deserved a nerf like this.

  • OdimmOdimm Member Posts: 33

    It's pretty obvious by now that the nerf was waaay to extreme on Legion. I mean, 90% of survivors who initially wanted him crushed, now admit that "he didn't deserve THAT". That and the fact that there are LOTS of Legion revival-posts on the main pages of the forums. It's time to face the mistake and work on an actual fix. There are a lot of good suggestions here including these three:

    Shorten his cooldown/stun

    Give him the old vault speed

    Make DW bar go down while doing a gen - this is the biggest issue with DW right now as survivors just ignore it and do gens in your presence as you get looped by another one... That way FF would apply decent pressure while still being fair and managable for the survivors.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819

    I wait until I'm close(er) to a survivor before Frenzying them. That way I can see the rest of their team with KI. And if I can't find anyone (which is rare), then there's one less person doing gens because they have Deep Wounds.

  • TalmeerTalmeer Member Posts: 1,487

    Well, if you really insist of using today's frenzy, the best is anyways to run practical into a survivor before you use it, to give them no time to get rid of you, but that was already a good tactic for the old Legion, because on this way the chances were higher to hit a survivor again, if no other target was around (something very common in the matches back then and I guess also today).

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