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Platform: PC

Description of the issue: As stated in another thread, there is a very good chance that the game will crash or freeze when reaching the loading screen after the offerings have been burnt. This is occurring at around 30% of the games I load into on average so far, but the last three of fives games have just gotten me extremely annoyed at this stupid bug. I've have lost so many good offerings and attempts at dailies such as bringing in a mori (of ANY colour), and I'm being punished because of this frustrating bug. This has cost me so many BPs due to the waste of offerings, I'm starting to think why there is even a slot to bring something in at this point.

Steps to reproduce (if possible): Load up the game, pick a side (Killer or Survivor) after getting into a lobby wait for the game to load. BOOM.

How often does this occur: It used to be around 30% of games on average, but now it's getting close to about 50% and I'm getting extremely angry because of it.

By the way, I am not running any background apps such as Chrome, Firefox, etc outside of Steam. So memory and processing power is not being consumed elsewhere. Please can this issue be resolved asap as players shouldn't be getting stressed out over whether or not they will load into a game and/or have wasted a lot of BP and time spent farming up stuff from the bloodweb.


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    same here man. same here. it's super annoying

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