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Left Behind useless since end game

VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17
edited June 2019 in Feedback and Suggestions

So, I recently thought about "Left Behind" from Bill since I was watching a Monto vid about adept Bill.

Left Behind has become a very useless perk as the hatch now opens anyways with the end game update. Making this perk completely useless.

Maybe they should rework it so that it works more like Fire Up from Freddy, the more survivors die the faster the gen repair speed (possibly 5/10/15% per dead survivor).

Also a good fit would be increasing opening speed of the exit gate by 30/40/50%

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  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,172

    I full heartedly agree with this change, that would be the best fix. I wouldn't say the numbers to be so high, maybe 5/10/15% but then everyone would bring it and just gen rush. Who wants to do 5 or 4 gens when you can just get an easy hatch escape, who cares about working for it, right?

  • VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17

    U right, maybe in between 5/15 is better. As someone who mains killer I don't know why my brain was like this seems like a good idea. xD

  • VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17

    Might be because the original has really high numbers but then you're completely on your own so that's why that's so high.

  • George_SorosGeorge_Soros Member Posts: 2,270

    I agree it needs some serious change, but I wouldn't want it to give an increasing bonus for each perished teammate. I love the idea of a perk that grants a strong advantage but All your fellow potatoes have to die first :)

    I'm at a loss though as to what advantage. As OP said, gen repair is pointless in EGC. Gate opening would be an obvious alternative, but there is Wake Up for that. There are a lot of not obvious options for rework though. Maybe slowing down killer's weapon clean animation while also disabling grabs? Could give you a few life saving seconds, if gate is nearly open while the killer comes back.

  • VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17

    Someone on steam suggested 100% chance of getting a key when you're the last person. for a hatch escape possibility after it was closed. Not sure what to think but maybe 65/70/75% chance is better, what do you think?

  • ShrekIsHotShrekIsHot Member Posts: 3,172

    Maybe when you the last person alive, gate opening speeds are increased by 40/45/50?

  • Toxicity23Toxicity23 Member Posts: 299

    That would most CERTAINLY help out significantly! I agree with this!

  • VuDjuBuhVuDjuBuh Member Posts: 17

    Increased gate opening speed is also a pretty good idea and would also make a good counter against (i think it was called) remember me from freddy.

  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,592

    Although your thing works only on gen repairs....

    The numbers are way too low.

  • billoverbeckbilloverbeck Member Posts: 23

    completely agree

  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 618

    Yes. maybe 30/35/40%.

  • CoffengMinCoffengMin Member Posts: 835

    its abusable to an extent but i wouldnt mind it much with this much ruin and noed to slow down everything

  • sliptteesslipttees Member Posts: 618

    3 months still useless dude.

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