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Gen rushing needs a penalty

Before survivor mains attack me for this just know I play both survivor and killer about equally. In both roles I hate how easy it is to do gens. I think the time to complete a gen should be increased big time and there should be a decent penalty for 2+ people on a gen.

As killer, gen rushing can't be stopped by ruin most of the time. Also, by the time I get my first hook I always end up with 2 gens already completed. Only way to truly stop a powerhouse team (especially an effective SWF team which seems to be most of DBD anymore) is by playing Billy or Nurse. As survivor, I feel like I gain little from the match from gens being rushed. It gets harder to pip when your team is full of gen jockeys. The match itself grows less fun because the killer becomes a complete joke in many cases. I also feel like it's not challenging enough as survivor, which personally gets boring.

Besides just changing numbers to solve gen rushing, they can also implement something in which the entity gets involved if survivors are too effective. It'd be cool if the entity denies access to gens for a short period of time if gens are going off too quickly. This would make sense too since the entity is there to help the killer anyways. Putting this into the game also wouldn't be an issue since it basically already exists in a few perks.


  • BloodMoneyMercBloodMoneyMerc Member Posts: 426

    Yeah, my only concern is that implementing a second action would take the devs some time to develop. In the meantime, they could just extend times/add penalities to slow the games down a bit more.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718

    I believe they are already testing stuff. We'll have to see on the next PTB. I understand the frustration of being gen rushed with nothing to stop it at Rank 4 with random killers. Trust me, I know. Hopefully, they do something soon.

  • AetherBytesAetherBytes Member Posts: 1,156

    Would more interesting skillcheck minigames be considered ok?

  • GrootDudeGrootDude Member Posts: 14,126

    Hardly anyone wants to hold m1 longer. We need a second objective.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 702

    Btw, surv are punished for gen rushing. If you gen rush you can say goodbye to your pip

  • DoubleTapDoubleTap Member Posts: 218
    edited June 2019

    @premiumRICE Practice of safe hook rescue farming for t3h win right.

  • premiumRICEpremiumRICE Member Posts: 702
    edited June 2019

    thats not gen rushing anymore then. If you gen rush you have stay in the game anyway.

    Btw if they play nurse or billy its not like you can gen rush lol

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,188

    I think the length of trials is fine, it's just that most killers are super weak compared to good survivors and maps are balanced around pallet inefficient new players. Survivors will win every time if they actually do gens against a non-Nurse/Billy/Spirit/Hag. That's just a fact. The thing those 4 have in common is that their chase power is also their map pressure. You could put Huntress in that category as well. Gens are on timers and it comes down to math. It takes Doctor longer to get from point A to point B than Hag. Hell, Hag can get from A to B to C and back to B, down two people, and still get to B faster than Doctor.

  • WildDovamiWildDovami Member Posts: 56

    What do you count as a survivor win? Is it 1 escaping? All 4? Maybe the expectations are different. I go into a game with the thought that 1-2 will escape at worst. At best, none.

  • AStupidMonkeyyAStupidMonkeyy Member Posts: 718
    edited June 2019

    @WildDovami 4 is overachiever, 3 is a win, 2 is fine, 1 bad, 0 you did terrible. That's how I rate myself. SWFs, I take 1 kill away.

  • edgarpoopedgarpoop Member Posts: 2,188
  • BloodMoneyMercBloodMoneyMerc Member Posts: 426
    edited June 2019

    How it should be when determining if a match is a win:

    4 survivors escape = killer played bad

    3 survivors escape = good survivors, killer made some mistakes

    2 survivors escape = both sides played well

    1 survivor escapes = luck of the hatch or good killer with survivors making mistakes

    0 survivors escape = survivors were bad

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  • TheLastGreatStarTheLastGreatStar Member Posts: 1,002

    I personally don't think anything needs changing. I've had plenty of matches where either me and the survivors have fixed generators ridiculously fast, or I've been the killer in a game where the generators have been fixed ridiculously fast. However, on the flip side of this I've also had matches where zero gens have been fixed, because I'm having to spend my time unhooking survivors as all 3 of them seem to keep being downed, or ruin can't be found and nobody other than me seems to do gens until it's cleansed. I've also experienced this from the killer side of things too.

    I just feel like you win some and you lose some. No 2 matches are the same and that's the beauty of this game. The unpredictability. Will the killer be a total noob? Are they gonna be a savage? Are my teammates going to be useful or potatoes? WHO KNOWS!?.

    P.S I have also reached red ranks on both killer AND survivor before somebody tries to use the whole 'you've obviously only ever played against low ranks' argument. 😂

  • SkellySkelly Member Posts: 10

    In other words, doing survivor's only objective needs a penalty. We just need a secondary task, and not an optional one. A mandatory one that requires the gates to be opened. I'm not sure what, but something that can't be ignored just like generators.

  • Jake_Parks_princeJake_Parks_prince Member Posts: 218

    Ugh killer mains who just want ez 4k's like you are sooo needy. You should ACTUALLY play both sides equally.

  • iustiniustin Member Posts: 1

    If you think gen rushing needs an penalty then you are an very bad killer crying cause you cant kill survivors, spirit + prayer breads bracelent + yakuyoke amulet or nurse with omega blink,explain me there is escape? theres absolutely no escape from those 2 even billy with insta saw theres no problem,first fix hit trough pallet and end game collapse,theres no fun anymore with survivor,i understand gen rushing is an problem but the killer like spirit nurse or billy has no problem against gen rushing especially good killers.

  • OrionOrion Member Posts: 15,944

    Bring in NOED.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 2,689

    Penalyzing gen rushing means buffing hard camping.

  • GrimzyGrimzy Member Posts: 56

    if we are penalizing survivors for gen rushing, lets penalize killers for hook camping :)

    Or lets actually make it mroe realistic that when a killer drops from a ledge while carrying someone that they drop them and not shorten their distance this way without penalties.

  • RieRie Member Posts: 87

    There already is: you get way less points/pips and a boring match overall.

    Do I condemn it? No. What else is there to do as survivor?

    Honestly the game just needs more objectives for survivors and for heaven's sake dont just increase the gen times.

    But that's up for the devs to change, not seeing them do much about it though except add band aid fixes like ruin/corrupt intervention.

  • darktrixdarktrix Member Posts: 1,516
    edited June 2019

    Yes, let's punish people who are doing their main objectives. No.

    And people learn to power through ruin, because just about every killer uses it every match. You make it harder to do gens past that, people will adapt and still pound out the gens and we'll have this same conversation again a year from now.

  • SaekuuraSaekuura Member Posts: 24

    If a killer gets genrushed it means they suck enough to not put constant pressure in the survivors

  • Shad03Shad03 Member Posts: 3,733
    edited June 2019


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