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Impossible to depip as survivor.

HazeHoundHazeHound Member Posts: 814

My friend kept telling me he had multiple games where he was afk for some reason, got killed and still safety pipped. I decided to call his bs but that's actually true!

Last 2 games i was literally doing nothing entire game. No gens touched, no survivor healed, no saves, no pallets dropped. Killer got me after 10 seconds 'chase' or less. When i died i safety pipped. I didnt kill myself on the hook, but i never even touched gen or actively tried to escape. I just WAS there, not even trying to sneak.

Excuse me but what in the god damn [BAD WORD]? What is the logic in letting literally useless survivors stay at their ranks where its possible to depip as killer who got 4k?

Just why?


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