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FPS issues post 2.0.0



  • fcc2014fcc2014 Member Posts: 4,388

    Auto wreckers
    Twice a teammate was in struggle on the hook. A hex totem was broke NOED and Devour Hope after they were broke we had a 1 second delay. The person died on the hook both times.

    the game, fractured cow shed, Grimm pantry, backwater swamp.
    The Doctor, and Michael Myers

    In treatment moment or tier 3 just awful to play.

    Thompson House map
    The window shifted to a wall in one of the jungle gyms south of the Thompson House house if you are looking at the main steps. Was being chased by doctor in treatment mode. Had a lot of skip forward movement.

  • LadyGamerXLadyGamerX Member Posts: 28

    1) Which platform are you playing on?
    1) PS4 Console

    2)What map were you playing on?
    2) Every Map except coldwind maps

    3) What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?
    3) Both

    4) What killer was in the game?
    4) Hasnt been against any specific killer. Its every game.

    5)What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    5) Dropping pallets mostly on survivor side. Playing killer using power as Billy, Huntress, Nurse, and Freddy. When setting traps as Trapper as well.

    Any other useful information! Thank you.

  • Fnatic47Fnatic47 Member Posts: 396

    1- Wich platform are you playing on ?
    R: Ps4 Console

    2- What map were you playing on ?
    R: Every Map

    3- What side were you playing (Killer / Survivor)
    R: Both sides

    4- What action (dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    R: Every action i have a FPS drop except when i will clean a totem. PS: Using the DOCTOR power i have a huge FPS drops, my game just crashed 2 times because of that.

  • Dwight_ConfusionDwight_Confusion Member Posts: 1,650

    Which platform are you playing on?
    PS4 (regular)

    What map were you playing on?
    Father's Chapel Map and Shelter woods although at times all maps have slight issues. These 2 were very noticeable.

    What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?

    What killer was in the game?
    Leatherface, Doctor, Freddy

    What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    Overall, just moving around was bad... turning was like 10-15 FPS probably.

    The game should run at 30 FPS. lots of games do it.

  • thefaceofFuzzthefaceofFuzz Member Posts: 2
    Autohaven playing as the Wraith.  While cloaked it is extremely laggy/choppy. And that is while just looking for survivors.  As survivor when Myers goes into EW3 the whole game would skip for a second. Sprint burst,  dead Hard,  lithe all freeze for a second upon use doesn't matter which survivor or map. 
  • greenzebra64greenzebra64 Member Posts: 65

    All of the Macmillan Estate maps
    Anytime I looked towards the middle if the map
    Frame rate was fine if I looked towards the outside of the map

  • KuwabaraWasTakenKuwabaraWasTaken Member Posts: 10

    The clown on anymap.

  • NoodleNoodle Member Posts: 103

    PS4 Pro
    All Maps
    Hooking survivors and reloading after hooking causes FPS drops.

  • TinierPantsTinierPants Member Posts: 5
    edited July 2018
    not_Queen said:

    Hello everyone!

    We have noticed a large response after the 2.0.0 update about FPS drops, mainly on console.

    Please answer this post with details like

    • Which platform are you playing on?
    • What map were you playing on?
    • What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?
    • What killer was in the game?
    • What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    • Any other useful information!

    Anything not related to this topic will be deleted.
    Thank you for your input!

    Xbox one S
    Blackwater swamp happens a lot more than others but I can’t remember the others at the moment.
    I played as the doctor and the entire game was choppy, from using the treatment mode to just chasing somebody or patrolling gens was choppy. I also played wraith on black water swamp and mid chase it got super choppy and I got stuck behind a Nea on a generator for a good minute or two before I picked her up and placed her on a hook and was reported and trash talked by all the survivors for “lag switching” that game so wasn’t so fun for me as you can imagine. That’s pretty much all I can remember at the moment. Also everytime I get a bad frame rate game like those I always check my internet just in case and its always ~250mbs. Thank you. <3
  • tunxtentunxten Member Posts: 2
    Platform: PC
    Playing as Survivor against the Doctor:
       The animations from the Madness effect cause frame drops.
       Lower fps rate and drops on MacMillan Estate maps

  • LuxaraLuxara Member Posts: 9

    Shelter Woods, Swamp maps, Red Forest
    Both killer and survivor, worse as killer
    Maps were fine before 2.0.0, never experienced FPS issues. Now drop to ~10-20 fps (used to be 50-60) on a high end PC when looking anywhere besides the map edges. Map boundaries also often don't load in when this happens. Gets worse when on gens / as or against doctor.

  • miss_claymoremiss_claymore Member Posts: 3
    edited July 2018

    Which platform are you playing on?
    Playstation 4 Pro

    What map were you playing on?
    I've encountered the issue on all maps

    What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?

    What killer was in the game?
    I've encountered the issue with all killers
    As killer, I played Doctor, Trapper and Huntress

    What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    Dropping pallets, vaulting pallets/windows, when Sprint Burst/Lithe triggers, UI pop ups (hex, status effect), just running around (both in a chase and not in a chase), hitting survivors (with and without lunge), when Bloodlust kicks in, using killer powers, hooking

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  • RoyalMeowveonRoyalMeowveon Member Posts: 8
    • Which platform are you playing on?
    Xbox One S
    • What map were you playing on?
    Red Forest, Badham Preschool and several MacMillan Maps are the worst offenders
    • What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?
    • What killer was in the game?
    Doctor, Huntress, Wraith
    • What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    As Doctor: Just Doctor in general lags the game quite significantly. 
    As Huntress: Throwing hatchets causes common frame skips. 
    As Wraith: Running Windstorm addons tends to sharply decrease the frame rate for their duration. 
    • Any other useful information!
    I sincerely believe Red Forest needs a good bit of work on console. It's my favourite map aesthetically and gameplay wise but the rain effect on its own gives it the worst frame rate of all maps, I average about 10 fps if I'm playing Doctor on it. 
  • DecutorDecutor Member Posts: 51
    edited July 2018

    Answering those questions is pointless. This doesn't have to do with any killer or in-game situation.

    Overall game visual quality became more hardware demanding (graphics cards) after clown DLC (even during PTB). Maps with a lot of fog like MacMillan (shelter woods being the worse of them), Coldwind and Swamps are the ones affected the most (maybe the visual change is related to the fog / smoke?).

    People with low end PCs who were already running the game at the limit of their computers performance are now dealing with overall reduced framerate in some maps (like myself). People with high end PCs are not suffering from this at all because they still had raw power to be used in their GPUs but they should see a higher GPU Usage which also causes increased GPU temperature and Fan Speed. Even some people with high end PCs were affected by the reduced FPS but only when playing on Ultra, DBD itself probably became too much for their GPU to handle and deliver solid 60fps.

  • TastyTasty Member Posts: 33

    @Lowbei said:
    eek. im glad i dont have these issues

    I'm on pc and I never encounter lag while in a trial. However when choosing a load-out (survivor, item, offering) the game tends to lag sometimes. When it happens I get automatically disconnect from the first trial that I join. RIP to all those who came in a 3 survivor match because of that. Btw my settings are adapted to my pc specs so its not lag because I would have ULTRA settings by accident.

  • White_OwlWhite_Owl Member Posts: 3,738
    edited July 2018

    I'm on PC. I have problems mostly on Shelterwoods and Coldwind Farm maps, both as killer (no matter which one) and as survivor. In general fps are lower than usual (10-15 vs 20-25), I can increase them by looking straight to the ground: in that case they return to normal.

  • KHeartsSoraKHeartsSora Member Posts: 12
    PS4 pro
    Any map
    Any action performed whether it be a vault,break,skill check, bloodlust etc has a chance to cause mass FPS drops resulting in sometimes missing a hit or being hit due to the animation freezing up ESPECIALLY pallet drops I would say 90% of times I am hit as the killer is "stunned" 
  • go1gothago1gotha Member Posts: 108

    On all maps there is a fall in FPS, but most of all this is felt on the Torment Creek, Wretched Shop, Shelter Woods.
    I played for both sides.
    The killer on the map is not important, only if it's not a doctor, he takes a few FPS, but it's not critical.
    Especially the drawdown of FPS was observed when you look far ahead and you see a lot of objects in your field of vision. As a rule, this is most often observed on the "Shelter Woods", which is probably why for many it is considered the most problematic map.

  • NessunoNessuno Member Posts: 1

    Which platform are you playing on?
    Normal playstaion 4
    What map were you playing on?
    Red forest/Autoheaven
    What side were you playing (killer / survivor)?
    What killer was in the game?
    What actions (ie: dropping a pallet, using a power) were you doing when you experienced the FPS drop?
    Using the generator, the framerate dropped like to 0-5 fps, the animations of the arms of the survivor (kate) were all chopped and jagged.
    Any other useful information!
    The hitboxes of the killers are ridiculously huge, I don't know if it's a problem of the framerate or it's an additional problem with the game.

  • IMainMeyersIMainMeyers Member Posts: 1
    Xbox One Day One Edition
    Map: Meyers Chapter Map
    Generally low fps, normal playstyle. All killers
    This patch made survivor fps much better but significantly decrease killer fps
  • DanidvDanidv Member Posts: 1

    Multiple maps
    Survivor and Killer
    Multiple Killers
    Just playing the game in general. No noticeable pattern.

  • Pokerface303Pokerface303 Member Posts: 110
    Platform-Ps4 Pro
    Map-Almost all maps but worst on Autohaven, Red Forests, and Coldwind
    Side-Survivor and Killer
    Killer- Clown, Huntress, and Nurse
    Actions- Hitting a survivor will cause lag on both side, Hooking a survivor will cause lag (especially if you hook a survivor then use a power like throw a hatchet or reload and tonic bottle), there are more for sure that I can't think of off the top of my head but they are probably in these replies somewhere
    Other useful information-There is a bug with boil over where if a survivor has it and you pick them up then it will stay on your screen the rest of the match until you pick another survivor up then it goes away until you hook them
  • GordolealGordoleal Member Posts: 4

    Shelter woods, Grim Pantry and The Pale Rose
    Survivor and killer
    Before 2.0.0: 45 ~60 fps, after 2.0.0: 5 ~ 25 fps.
    any other map i don't have any problem with fps (25 ~ 50 fps)
    My friends, that have a better specs than me, has the same problem, 45+ fps in any map but shelter woods, Grim Pantry and Pale Rose is 15 ~ 30 fps.

  • unofficialdocumentunofficialdocument Member Posts: 1

    When I first downloaded the patch everything was all sorts of choppy. Using any killer would cause it to play like a slideshow. However, I rebooted my game yesterday and everything seems to work fine for me. My game is no longer choppy, and if I do get a slowdown, then it’d be incredibly rare.
  • mydady787mydady787 Member Posts: 14

    on ps4
    all maps
    when killer hit me or someone gets hooked will a Jen is finished

  • NightlyNoodleNightlyNoodle Member Posts: 1
    edited July 2018

    1) Xbox One S Gears of War Edition
    2) Issues at times on all maps, but worst on Haddonfield, Coldwind Farms, Lery's, The Game, and Mother's Dwelling. Surprisingly Swamp maps seem better than the rest.
    3) Killer and Survivor, biggest impact as killer
    4) Billy, Cannibal, worst on Clown
    5) Killer- Lunge attacks frequently drop frames massively during initial animation, clown cloud can sometimes trigger massive drops, chase and bloodlust leading to attempted attacks also tank frames massively at times.
    Survivor- moment of generator completion there can be huge drops. Pallet dropping sometimes tanks frames. Exhaustion perks triggering speed boosts almost always drop frames. That's mostly it from what I've seen on survivor side.
    6) I have noticed that these frame drops are always worse when there are 4 survivors. As survivors die they seem to improve, perhaps something to do with networking with fewer survivor inputs. But at the moment they are so severe in the most important part of the game, early game, when pressure has to be applied that it makes playing killer less fun and more stressful. I will say that although there are some frame drops on survivor, it is much, much easier to play survivor with those issues than killer.
    Gamertag: NightlyNoodle, XB1

    Thanks guys, good luck! Love this game!

  • HarketHarket Member Posts: 21

    Fractured Cowshed / Shelter Woods
    Killer and Survivor (respectively)
    Huntress and Clown (respectively)
    Picking up a survivor near the killer shack / Just crouching and hiding
    It's dropping from 50-60 FPS to 10-15.

  • Holo_PilotHolo_Pilot Member Posts: 1
    Xbox One (Classic Version)
    All maps have significant FPS drops, though certain maps (like Lery’s) are notorious offenders of getting 15-20 FPS max
    Playing Killer as Nurse
    All Nurse blinks cause game to drop in FPS, making chases difficult. Other notable cases of massive FPS drops are Freddy confirming someone in the dream world and Huntress throwing a hatchet (which causes the entire game to stutter)
    Console still has severe audio issues with footsteps and injured survivors breathing. Beyond this, the nurse plays almost like a completely different killer than she does on PC. I have the nurse P350 on both console and PC and console’s nurse is in a sorry state. Blinks through simple objects like pallets, rocks, and the basement often do not work at all. The nurses aim assist is completely broken, triggering through walls and pallets but not switching on on quick attacks on exposed survivors, causing infuriating moments when free quick attacks hit the wall next to a survivor. Hitboxes are also entirely wonky after blinks, causing phantom hits that very obviously should connect (sometimes even playing the blood spatter) but no injuries are sustained, while inversely swings that have absolutely no business connecting land hits on survivors who are totally safe. Please, please optimize console. It sorely needs it. 
  • v4l_c0dv4l_c0d Member Posts: 8
    - PC
    - Grim Pantry, Shelter Woods (most noticeable, happens in all maps)
    - Survivor
    - The Hillbilly (Grim Pantry) and The Clown (Shelter Woods)
    - Usually, FPS loss happens at any time, especially when many objects are on-screen. Against the Clown in Shelter Woods, getting in a chase or simply having him nearby made the FPS drop from about 50 to 25 or less.
    - I run other games on a GTX 1060 with no similar issues. The latest drivers are installed. I never manage to achieve a stable 60FPS framerste, even though I have the specs to to that.

  • not_Queennot_Queen Member Posts: 1,115

    Thanks guys! The QA team and the engineers are watching this post closely, keep the info flowing!

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