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Red rank solo survivor

TensorTensor Member Posts: 254

How are people in the red rank and not know any of the basics!

Why can't anyone figure out when the killer has Nurse calling!

Why, (using bond) and there is no Ruin, are people milling around doing NOTHING. All the time, walking around....no killer heartbeat either. Do a Gen! Even more obvious when your on the hook. Not even coming to rescue, just walking around.

99% the exit gate, nah, open then not even leave!

Dull totems, ignore them all, what's the worst that can happen...

Cleansing on plague. Bad plan most of the time.

Fluro clothing...ok

Running the killer to me on a gen. Or running killer around me on the hook. Yay, phase 2 when it didnt need to be!



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