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The Hag - Skinwalker

Name: Skinwalker

Description: It is said with a single glance, the Skinwalker can take possession of their victims body; controlling their every action.


Well this is my take on a skin for the Hag, my inspiration being that of the Skinwalker of legend.

I figured the aesthetic and story suited her and went along with it.

As we all know, the slappy queen deserves the best looking of slappy hands and I figured; why not do something different?

Her weapon, her arm as usual is a fleshless limb, the bones held together with the intestines of her victims.

I was originally going to go with Elk antlers but with the structure I had chosen for her face I felt that turning those antlers in to horns would be a better fit. Her eyes are entirely black save for the red of her pupil which I am sort of hoping will have a red glow to them. The red markings on her face, arms and legs are actually tattoos painted on with blood; whose it belongs to no one knows.

After looking at the Hag's stance, she stands on the balls of her feet; like many quadruped animals with hooves. So instead of feet, I have chosen to replace her toes with hooves to accompany the theme.

In the profile view, I removed the some of the inessentials (spikes, ear) in the profile view to adequately show off the mane and allow the head and horns to speak for themselves.

I hope you guys enjoy my skin, this was a ton of fun to work on!

The skin is my own creation, I have all of the PSD files and the HD version will be kept private unless otherwise notified by a member of staff who requires it in private. It will also be placed in my portfolio and Instagram.

Thank you everyone and good luck with the contest!


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