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'New' Ghost Face Discussion

So from the looks of it, Ghost Face is TREMENDOUSLY better than before.

I like to refer to his tier placement as "Myers Tier". Not too strong, not too weak, but can be used well and is fun as hell to play.

His "M1 KILLER" status and his night shroud static does give him weaknesses, but weaknesses against a very strong ability (that actually works now). My only thoughts would be to remove the survivors ability to spot GF when downed and test out a change that allows Monitor and Abuse and other Terror Radius reducing perks to affect his Night Shroud sound.

How do you guys think of "The Ghost Face" (blech. Just change it to The Ghost) and how do you think he'll fair?



  • LordGlintLordGlint Member Posts: 6,586

    regarding the monitor and abuse part, I want to remind you that it also does nothing toward Freddy's Lullaby or Huntress's humming. Since none of these are the terror radius, none of them are affected...Even if in the case of Freddy, the base range for the Lullaby matches the base range of his terror radius.

  • IhatelifeIhatelife Member Posts: 5,069

    He didn't changed that much. Still low tier killer.

  • MadjuraMadjura Member Posts: 2,103

    Pretty much this

    He can NEVER be popular in high ranks due to Object Of Obsession and Spine Chill

    If somehow he did ever become the most played killer in high ranks then everyone would just run one of those two perks and completely destroy him until he stops being popular. This wouldn't be an issue if they were bad perks but they are definitely usable (even if they are not meta) so survivors who run the perks don't really get "punished" if the killer is not Ghost Face.

    For example, Calm Spirit is really bad if the killer isn't Doctor (or running Infectious Fright), and even then it's not really all that great. If Doctor was the most used killer and survivors ran Calm Spirit then it would be an interesting trade-off, do I run that perk to counter the most common killer at the cost of having a dead perk if the killer is playing as someone else? With Ghost Face and Object Of Obsession / Spine Chill you don't have that. You can just drop the worst perk from your current loadout and run one of those two and they will still be good even if the killer is not Ghost Face (or Wraith!), but if it is then they are super good.

  • StarMoralStarMoral Member Posts: 819
    edited June 2019

    Those I'm actually surprised with, in which case I think they should also affect them as well.

  • WindshieldWiperWindshieldWiper Member Posts: 7

    I really think he's too op now.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    Still countered by detection perks but far better then it was.

  • GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45
    edited June 2019

    His name is still the "Ghost Face" so that's a minus right off the bat.

    As for balance, some of my concerns from this thread are still valid:

    1) Survivors can still "see" him while he can't see them. This leads to some obnoxious scenarios where a Survivor can hide behind cover while the Killer frantically tries to figure out where they are before inevitably being revealed.

    2) He's still a wind turbine within 8 meters, despite most Generators on most maps requiring you to get that close to attempt stalking. This is unnecessary considering the added risk of being spotted by anyone remotely attentive to their surroundings. The only thing you should hear is his actual movements and breathing.

    3) Lean is still too inconsistent. There are some areas where it doesn't work even though it should, and that's ignoring the cases where you lean and still have your vision obstructed.

    4) His perks still need work. I'm All Ears serves a purpose now (though its Cooldown should be lowered to 20 seconds like QaQ) but the rest weren't touched. I stand by my criticisms and solutions in the thread above.

    What we have is an okay Killer with underwhelming perks and no new map or Survivor. That just isn't going to cut it for my wallet.

  • BlizerBlizer Member Posts: 5

    He Will still be underwhelming, Espically with OoO and Spine Chill breaking him out of stealth (OoO shouldnt see him, Spine Chill should activate, but not break him out of stealth)

    Even then, his perks, outside of Thrilling Tremors, dont bring anything remotely powerful to the table, and he will be like most killers, easily looped during chases, and will likely run Bamboozle or Enduring/Spirit Fury to even deal with them.

    The Buffs he received are significant (Him making no sound when he enters Stealth was probs the best change, as he can now properly get his Stalks off), but as i said, power is countered by Spine Chill.

    Hes looking Myers tier rn, but he wont have impact in the higher ranks at all, unless built for it, with the aight add ons and perks.

  • BlueberryBlueberry Member Posts: 9,681

    +1 This basically.

    Another to throw in the pile of mid tier aka unviable at high ranks.

  • Financial_StabilityFinancial_Stability Member Posts: 462

    If his power's cooldown was reduced to 15 sec, that would be nice. If not, refill his power upon a hook, and reduce cooldown to 25.

  • TheShape78TheShape78 Member Posts: 712

    Yeah, I think OoO should not work on stealth killers, because as it is now, you're just removing a major aspect of the killer. You're taking away what makes them special and unique. Not to mention ..fun.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    Yes it might be fun for some "special" kind of players but so was old sabotaing hooks/traps or initial 4 free DS. Problem is that we don't want M1 killers without power and OoO makes GF just that for that 1 person running it. It's bad design and shouldn't hit live.

  • KebekKebek Member Posts: 3,676

    I don't really mind OoO in itself but what I do mind is that GF is far to reliant on stealth to be so effectively stripped of his power by just 1 perk. Other killers who use stealth have at least some other benefits from their power (wraith mobility, shape instadowns, piggy traps/dash attack) but GF has nothing like that.

    I just with devs realised this and gave him at least aura reading immunity during Night shroud.

  • typervadertypervader Member Posts: 222

    Object of Obession is just a really stuypid perk anyway.

  • indieeden7indieeden7 Member Posts: 3,035

    The only change I'd make to him now is while night shroud is active, his aura cannot be read. Detection perks such as spine chill and premonition are still annoying while playing him but survivors being able to see his aura gives them far too much information.

  • NuclearBurritoNuclearBurrito Member Posts: 6,807

    How would you guy's rework OoO if you had to?

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    well you see... Right now he is just myers but with slight differences. Now Im not saying he should be weak but I think and needs to go back to being able to get caught easier, not as easy, but he shouldnt be able to use the ability while chasing. He should have to play stealthy. His crouch should be as fast as him normal walk for mind games and they need to add locker teleport. Ghostface would be able to teleport inside of a locker within 16-24 meters of him. Unoccupied lockers would be highlighted in yellow signifying that you could teleport inside of it. Occupied lockers would show no aura. Keep in mind it is only between 24-16 meters that it would show this and that he would actually be able to teleport. This would keep locker jukes viable. Once inside the locker he can peek out of it and stalk survivors. After exposing them he would be able to quickly jump out of the locker and stab stabby. I would prefer this to be a separate ability. He would have his basic shroud thing and Locker teleport. Locker teleport would give him some map pressure, more viability against high ranks, and some extra spooks. If you read this tell me what you think about it pls because I think it would be super fun and balanced and stay true to the character + lore. Yes this is copy pasted from my post on how he should have map pressure. We need more top tier killers. High rank isnt fun. Add variety devs.

  • BBQnDemogorgonBBQnDemogorgon Member Posts: 3,592

    @Almo You're right but the issue isn't that.

    With these perks you get warned that he's coming your way instantly destroying any stealth attempt by Ghost Face.

  • GrazoxGrazox Member Posts: 45

    "You have a strange allure to the Killer, forging a supernatural link. When the Killer first looks directly at you from within a range of 24 metres, you become the Obsession. While the Obsession, your Aura will be revealed to the Killer when you are farther than 12/14/16 metres from the Killer and the Killer’s Aura will be revealed to you when the Killer is looking in your direction during a Chase."

    You get a one-time Spinechill/Premonition-esque effect alerting you the Killer has spotted you. After that, you get wallhacks during the Chase that can be countered by stealth Killers or moonwalking. And you lose the effect if the Obsession changes at any point. (such as someone else running the perk and getting spotted second)

    This would also make Furtive Chase and future perks with dynamic Obsession mechanics give Killers more options for dealing with someone who wants the Killer to chase them when they have such a notable advantage with looping. Not to mention Obsession perks which incentivize you to ignore the Obsession rather than play into their baiting.

  • FrauZockinskyFrauZockinsky Member Posts: 57
    edited June 2019

    Well, I see two different scenarios:

    1. OoO does not work at all against killers with zero terror radius (so basically wraith and gf in stealth mode)
    2. OoO does not work below a minimum distance from the killer, e.g. 16m

    Combine both and you can keep the stealth for stealth killers and can't see tier 1 myers through the wall right next to you. For killers with a terror radius of at least 16m the perk would still work as before.

    Plus it would be really nice if OoO deactivated with cool down if you hit the crouch button in too quick succession XD

  • SomeissuesSomeissues Member Posts: 1,466
    edited June 2019

    Ghostface is decent and viable now, I would put him on A-B rank, I still think he should be able to stalk through the Corn, as survivors can still detect you out from it

    and you can't stalk them back, no further changes is needed on him now

    This is how the devs buff a killer right, before he was really useless and bad. Just one pellet is enough to completely stop his power, and you can never get stalk, now hes a real threat if not exposed

    Really hope the devs use this approach on buffing other killers

  • DreamnomadDreamnomad Member Posts: 2,847

    Personally, I wouldn't change OoO directly. I would just make it a game rule that if the killer's terror radius is 0 then their aura can't be seen. That would solve all current issues with aura perks and any future issues.

  • WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

    I like this. Buffs tinkerer and that one plague perk idk t DARK DEVOTION yeah

  • NoxeriasNoxerias Member Posts: 93

    Agree with you completely.

    I'd also like to see a buff or change to his perk "Thrilling Tremors" since they made a good QoL change to "I'm all Ears" to make it useable but the point of TT is to slow gens down and it does a poor job at that.

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