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I wish DBD had Insta kills like Deathgarden

Yes, I know... memento mori. The problem with that is that is not part of the core mechanic, so it feels cheap and undeserved. Also, you don't know how a match will go in advance, so you don't know in which match you should use a memento mori, and when it wasn't really necessary.

They'll never implement this, because in DG the power role is really feared, and DBD is a casual "party with friends game" and they purposefully made the power role in DBD to be weak, and have no real control over the match, so friends can have fun bullying the killer. But the thought of it is fun.

What if, as a core mechanic, you can chose to kill a survivor or keep hooking them for blood points (same as Deathgarden) if:

-A certain amount of hooks have been made (deserved), let's say, 6 hooks, you can kill 1 survivor.

-A certain amount of gens are completed (undeserved), let's say 4 gens, you can kill 1 survivor that you down.

-A certain amount of gens are done within a certain amount of time (let's say, survivors do 3 gens in 1.5 minutes at the begining of the match)

That would make the killer have control over the match, if it's getting out of hands, or you're being gen rushed by a coordinated SWF, you can "slow the game down just a little bit" by removing one survivor and tilt the balance to your favour, or you don't care and you'll go for the extra BPs.


  • CoderCoder Member Posts: 580

    Don't get me wrong, I'm red rank killer and I 4k almost every match, it's just sometimes you get a 4 SWF optimized on gens and you go like "duuude, calm down, enjoy the match, like 5 minutes queue and you are THAT desperate to hold M1 and escape? come here! let's loop for a bit and have some fun!" and you can't have an ebony or ivory memento mori in advance (unless you already know you're facing a gen rushing SWF), so that mechanic would make you have control over the match and have fun if the survivors are having fun, or start removing survivors if they just come to the match exclusively to press M1 on a gen.

    I just love how the power role is ACTUALLY powerful and feared in Deathgarden and I wish it was like that in DBD. I don't fear any killer, other than, maybe a God tier nurse or hillbilly, maybe God Tier spirit. The rest of them... "EZ PZ baby killer", I don't fear them at all.

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626
    edited June 2019

    I'm agree, if a survivor can escape if he unhooks 3 survs or cleanse 3 totems

  • MrSunbroMrSunbro Member Posts: 111

    Moris used to have NO hook requirement so it was in game at some point :)

    Guess why it was changed?... I have an old screenshot of a teammate sniped by a hillbilly and moried, getting 30 points IN TOTAL

  • shyguyyshyguyy Member Posts: 84

    You "4k almost every match" and you want more power because sometimes you don't?


  • ZarathosZarathos Member Posts: 885

    I like the variety of decisions here and hell two hooking people should be encouraged by survivours since it means everyone has a chance for the killer to mix up his targets and it reduces tunneling if you add a condition like the killer cant mori a survivour if one is already dead or sacrificed. It would ultimatly be ignored in favour of removing a target earlier but it would certainly add some tension to see a sign like a mori debuff hanging over every survivours head.

    Make no mistake with the no dead survivour rule this effect would promote suboptimum killer play but its as i said will encourage keeping survivours in the game for the chance to mori a player.

  • CornChipCornChip Member Posts: 540

    4Ks almost every match.. Still finds something to complain about.....

  • SpicybarbecueSpicybarbecue Member Posts: 183

    you should die on your second hook. that would make the killers scary again

  • JespJesp Member Posts: 192
    edited June 2019

    Or just accept that the games have completely different balancing goals.

    In DG the Hunter is indeed meant to be a total powerhouse that can run over scavengers, and even then there are some scav stuff that is really strong (like the active camo) and a co-ordinated team can obviously still be a massive pain, meanwhile DBD is a game where the devs have straight up stated that a ~2k-3k average is a good number. If you 4k almost every game you're actually massively overperforming by the standards the developers seem to want.

  • MegsAreEvilMegsAreEvil Member Posts: 819

    Then play death garden. It has a much worse game Design which is why it was a flop as it was.

  • fahad0595fahad0595 Member Posts: 52

    This is so bad LOL. Killers should not have the power to just kill a survivor when ever they want it is unfair to other side. Only thing to do is to sweat harder for the 4k

  • NMCKENMCKE Member Posts: 7,277
  • LarczLarcz Member Posts: 531

    Sad but true is survs fear killer only when he or she got the best addons and pink mori.End of story before that pff just loop like crazy i got 2 hooks left and adrenalin and other second chance perk...

  • prayer_survivorprayer_survivor Member Posts: 626
  • MiloMilo Member Posts: 5,681

    You're forgetting that by executing scavenger quickly/early hunters earn less points.

    (also it's unfun for the scavegers too :3)

  • billoverbeckbilloverbeck Member Posts: 23

    "i am a red rank killer and i 4k almost avery match"....but i want to insta kill survivors...because...uhm.. why not.

    sorry but it is not a good idea

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