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My thoughts and feedback for Ghost face thus far

I wasn't able to make a forum thread until now. Not sure why, but I'm glad that it seems to be getting dealt with...

Anyway, I played Ghost face for about 6 games on day 1, figured I'd write down the thoughts I had when playing him. I don't intend to offer suggestions or fixes; these are just my observations.

- What is the point of the perfume addons? They reduce stalk decay. The problem with this is that I don't have a reason to stop stalking survivors until the meter fills. Even then, if I have to stop stalking because I'm revealed, I won't be able to resume stalking until the power recharges, which is more than enough time for the survivor's stalk meter to reach zero regardless. There may be cases where the survivor is moving behind scenery and interrupting the stalk, but if this is happening I risk revealing myself to get a better angle...

- Ghost face seems to be able to be detected no matter what part of his body is visible. It's difficult to judge how much of you can be seen and makes the lean ability useless. I watched footage of a twitch streamer against me - I crossed a hallway in plain sight and wasn't detected, but when I tried to lean around a corner I got revealed despite not even half of my head peeking out from behind some scenery. I can provide a link to the twitch video if needed. Survivors have detected me completely by accident, too. As soon as I was revealed, I would stand up and charge the survivor, and they wouldn't stop repairing the generator until I was close enough to already get a hit. With this in mind, an increased detection timer doesn't seem like it would do anything if it will go off when absolutely any part of Ghost face's body is visible.

- Why does Ghost face have such a loud ambient sound? We've already got at least four characters who have stealth builds (wraith, myers, pig, freddy), and outside of their breathing noises (along with Wraith's woosh and Freddy's lullaby outside of the dream world), none of them have permanent ambient sounds. Giving the survivors a heads up to know when Ghost face is coming is not good, which leads into my next point...

- If a survivor is exposed at a far enough distance, they can just run until their exposed timer ticks down. Ghost face will not be able to catch up. You can try to get closer before revealing them, but the chances of being revealed are too high at close ranges. The trade-off isn't worth it.

- Because of the trade-offs with stalking up close and stalking further away, I was only ever able to hit an exposed survivor once in my six games. I only ever exposed survivors about six times across those games as well. The times I was able to get successful exposures was when I was in a corner waiting for survivors to rotate between objectives (survivors don't look around when they're not doing generators), which meant that I wasn't pressuring them...

- You almost have to camp with Ghost face to get his power off. If you don't want to play the standard M1 looping game and use his ability, you have to play very passive, which means the survivors will just get the generators done.

- One more thing: Why do we need to manually activate stealth mode? Wouldn't we want it on all the time? Is the option only there to preserve interaction with certain perks? With how Ghost face currently works, stealth mode feels like it should be a passive ability that activates on its own after a few seconds and goes away when he's spotted.

For now it feels like Ghost face's power is counterintuitive. Your power will be deactivated if you try to expose someone up close, but the survivor will run out of range if you expose them from afar. You could try to use his lack of terror radius to get the drop on survivors, but your ambient noise will reveal you before you have a chance. This feels like the same situation with Legion, where the developers had a vision for the killer but did not do a proper job revealing it, instead leaving it up to the players to work with it in unintended ways. The difference here is that the mistake is the killer being too easily suppressed instead of being overly oppressive (Legion). With Legion, survivors would disconnect mid-game, whereas with Ghost face, killers just won't bother to select him (which is technically an improvement over Legion's situation, I guess)...

Thank you for reading what I've got to say! If I have anything else to add, I'll update this thread.


  • ShakiiShakii Member Posts: 15
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    Got to play a game after the update and wow, he's actually usable! Getting a full stalk is a little clunky (reminds me of Myers, actually) but it is completely manageable, especially with addons.

    The only thing is that Ghost face seems to have gone from one extreme to another - As a survivor, I've had Ghost face walk right up to the opposite side of the short wall I was hiding behind without me able to reveal him. It's an overall improvement to the power, but going off of my earlier comment about reveal difficulty and positioning... It still feels like there isn't any sort of scaling - Ghost face should be easier to reveal if he's closer, yet he's come within lunge range of me and is still able to expose me. This empowers him in the same way as Myers in that he can stalk someone to 99 and then pop it directly in front of them later on.

    I'm worried that the instant close-up stalk will be a sore point for survivors given that it's much more candid than Myers' evil within. The devs have been toying with different ways to make his stalk activate and deactivate, and have mentioned hooked/downed survivors breaking him out of it to prevent camping (not that that's ever stopped insidious leatherface...), but why not just have the stalk disable when a chase starts? I don't know the full set of conditions off the top of my head, but it seems like chasing and stalking would be mutually exclusive. (EDIT: Thinking on it some more, being able to hide your terror radius and stain during a chase can be very useful for a killer, and disabling it would remove some depth from Ghost face... Maybe he could still activate his shroud, but just not stalk while in a chase?)

    I should also do a quick mention about some of the other changes - I'm All Ears is nice, it gives me a free mindgame at a jungle gym every now and then. Thrilling Tremors is alright, and I don't feel Furtive Chase is even worth trying until I've got it at tier 3.

    I had an idea for Mettle of Man - Put it back to the three basic attacks, but have the survivor's aura revealed from the START of the trial. This way, it becomes a tradeoff of early game presence for late game power. The more survivors use it, the more the killer will be able to take advantage. Plus, it would fit better as an Ash perk thematically, as evil finds him first, and THEN he defeats it.

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