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Should Ghostface be a TOP TIER KILLER (Like spirit, nurse, and billy)

WickedMilk03WickedMilk03 Member Posts: 624

People are saying they want to get rid of Gf spotting mechanics... Is that what we really want? The outcome of this would be the equivalent of versing myers. Survivors would complain they are getting one hit, Ghostface would get a nerf. He would stay a midtier or a shittier. Do we want that? Do we want variety for the casuals who arent sure what they want or do we want variety for the casuals PLUS the people who support this game everyday? If we want gf to be top tier, he needs map pressure. I have it copy pasted so here it is: Ghostface would be able to teleport inside of a locker within 16-24 meters of him. Unoccupied lockers would be highlighted in yellow signifying that you could teleport inside of it. Occupied lockers would show no aura. Keep in mind it is only between 24-16 meters that it would show this and that he would actually be able to teleport. This would keep locker jukes viable. Once inside the locker he can peek out of it and stalk survivors. After exposing them he would be able to quickly jump out of the locker and stab stabby. This would be in addition to his basic shroud ability. He would have his basic shroud thing and Locker teleport similar to freddy having gen teleport + his other abilities except ghostface's locker teleport should have little or no cooldown. Locker teleport would give him map pressure, more viability against high ranks, and some extra spooks. If you read this tell me what you think about it pls because I think it would be super fun and balanced and stay true to the character + lore of the game.

What will most likely happen if this is added as an addition to his power? 

  1. There will be a uniqueness to gf as a character because no killer can go inside of lockers. 
  2. People would no longer be fixated on making him a myers reskin because he would be balanced. 
  3. More fear is in the match, you have to have your eyes open. Jumpscares out of lockers. The devs want fear with this character.
  4. He will prosper in high ranks. With little or no cooldown, being able to jump around the map using lockers would be extremely helpful. Just imagine you're playing gf and a survivor is following you trying to spot you to cancel your ability. Simply teleport away. 

This is a fix I really hope comes to the game. I want it to scare tf out of me. I want top tier VIABLE KILLERS that require skill so bad players cant win everytime. Ghostface would require skill because he would still need to be stealthy to get his stalk off. 

Of course the stealth perks need to go. If the terror radius is at zero then it should not show the killer. If he is too loud, that should also be fixed. He should not be able to expose someone mid chase, however he should be able to do mindgames with his red stain mid chase. This also makes him require skill to play.


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